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Ask the experts: how to be more creative – as it happened

Join us on this page from 1–2pm on Wednesday 19 April to talk to our expert panel about how to come up with great ideas or pivot your business 2.40pm BST A quick round-up of some of the panel’s favourite ways to get creative: We frequent have brainstorms with post-it notes. In some of them all of the team is involved. In others only part of the team. When we do a brainstorm in our weekly team meeting, then one team member generally presents a challenge, and then the rest of the team works in small groups (2-3 people) for 3-5min to come up with ideas. At the end everyone shares what they have come up with. The aim is to do them quickly. Emma My favourite way of innovating so far has been the ideas stock market we ran in 2016. In short, we asked everybody to come up with a new idea they felt could improve our service to customers. These ideas were then collated . Each employee was then given an amount of “money” they could invest in the idea. At the end of the month, the highest valued idea was implemented. This was great because it enabled everyone in the company to be involved and the idea was bought in to by everyone before it had even began. My new favourite way to come up with ideas is all about activity – walking meetings, running with the team or in the gym. It helps that the people I’m currently working with are also into working out so they don’t mind a before or after work spin class before we start talking about a project. This probably won’t work for everyone but being out and about definitely helps me. 2.27pm BST Testing out your ideas often leads to growth in a business – some might seek outside investment to launch a new product, for example. Natalie Campbell offered her advice on protecting your enterprise as it grows: Risk assessment should be given as much time as creative planning and cultivating a culture where you learn from any…

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