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Get the map to quit your corporate job and build a business and life you love

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.  This is excerpted from my recent interview with Lori Hildebrand @mycoachlori.  Lori is the authority in helping female entrepreneurs turn their side hustle into their full-time gig. She teaches motivated women to live with time and financial freedom, all while maintaining successful careers, and strategically transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship.  Learn more about Lori at SmallBizLady: Is leaving the traditional corporate career path for a life of an entrepreneur realistic in this economy? Lori Hildebrand: Absolutely. We live in a “gig economy” now! It’s simply a matter of de-programming your “traditional 9-5” mindset and reprogramming what works for you. SmallBizLady: What should side-hustlers really be focused on in their very limited time? Lori Hildebrand: When building a new business, cash flow is king. Focus on Income Producing Activities (IPA’s). These may not be the most fun activities, but you can’t have a business without it! SmallBizLady: How can they maximize their time, without the guilt, while at work, working on the side-hustle, and family time? Lori Hildebrand: Time blocking & focused activity is key. Your employer is paying you for a job, always stay on task at work. Your family and friends need your time as well. Discuss the priorities with your partner and children, talk about why this is important to you, and decide together what hours will be for business activities, and what will be for family time. Deciding together what our goals are, why you are building this business and how it impacts them (both now and in the future), will help everyone get on the same page. No guilt here! SmallBizLady: How can side-hustlers stay motivated at the corporate job, when they’d rather be working on their passion? Lori Hildebrand: Think of your JOB as your business loan and a place to build relationships. You never know where those relationships will lead later on. But knowing that you can show up, do a good job for your employer and draw a paycheck, while…

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