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7 Ways to Improve Your Work Environment in Your Small Business

Do you have a formal workplace? Do people laugh in your workplace? Do you see lots of collaboration in your office?  If you are not sure how to answer these questions, chances are you might not have a work environment that is optimized for people to do their best work.  Work can be stressful, and in order for you to allow your employees to flourish, you need to build an environment that fosters collaboration and openness. Here are my 7 best ways to improve your work environment in your small business. Stay Approachable Stay visible to your team. Always have an open door policy. Certainly you don’t want to undermine your managers and make people feel like they can work around the rules, but you do want to weigh in on staff meeting, big decisions and ask for feedback publicly. Too often business owners disappear into their offices, and do not seem approachable once the first layer of management is hired. It’s also important to share the vision, mission, sales goals with the entire team so that everyone knows what you’re working toward and how valuable their role is in it. Encourage Everyone to Take Breaks No one’s whole life should take place in front of their laptop. Everyone in your business should take a break every hour or so, including you as the business owner. People need to step away for lunch, a water break, a phone call, or even a walk. The clearing of one’s head is important. It allows employees to recharge so that they can stay fresh and on top of all the tasks in front of them. Keep it Social When you have a small team, you want to do things to help everyone get to know each other. The goal is to help everyone build trust and find common ground, especially if you have a multigenerational team. Once a month, organize something social for the team such as a book club, monthly birthday celebration, a happy hour, a bowling night or a potluck feast. If you have a virtual team, look for an opportunity…

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