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How to Spot Work-From-Home Scams

One day, I received a message from someone on LinkedIn. A company I’d never heard of offered me a work-from-home position. The pay was phenomenal. All I needed to do was turn in my first assignment quickly, I’d get my first paycheck and then we could settle in for a more regular agreement. Now, I’ve been offered legit opportunities through LinkedIn before and even done work (and been paid!) as a result of connections through the site. Unfortunately, this was not one of those situations. I re-arranged my schedule, turned down other work and found myself out $800 when the company, which called itself “Write Stuff,” disappeared after I submitted my writing assignment. Did my spidey-sense go off during any part of this interaction? Sure it did. But it’s easy to get swept up in the idea of making a lot of money quickly, and I ignored some red flags. Don’t end up like me. Here’s how to spot work-from-home scams. 1. Amazing Income Claims One of the biggest red flags is the idea that you can solve all your money problems with this one work-from-home system, said John Rampton, founder of the freelance invoicing and payment-processing app Due. “In the back of our minds, we know there’s no such thing as easy money,” he said. “But our common sense tends to flee when offered the potential for big gains.” If someone offers you a large sum of money for relatively little work, or if they have a “system” that promises to replace your day-job paycheck within a few weeks, run the other way. 25 Highest Paying Companies in America for 2017 2. You Have to Pay Something Up Front Some work-from-home scams prey on the unsuspecting by asking that you foot the bill for “upfront costs.” According to Rampton, some of these costs seem reasonable. “Maybe they tell you to pay for a background check, or insist that you send money for a special piece of equipment you need for your job,” he said. But most legitimate businesses won’t ask you to cover the expense for these things. They pay for…

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