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Computerized Maintenance Management Systems – 6 Features To Know About

The right Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) will offer your business numerous benefits. These include improved inventory management, reduced costs, reduced downtime, extended asset lifetime, and overall improved operational efficiency. However, with so many CMMS vendors across the globe, it can be difficult to determine which CMMS software is right for your business. Work Order Management System The work order management feature of a CMMS software allows authorized workers to place maintenance requests and place inventory orders. CMMS software can generate word orders automatically according to the maintenance schedule. The ideal work order management system should be customizable to make it easy to use by the authorized personnel. The system should also be able to monitor work order cycles from the time a work request is made, all through to planning, scheduling, and implementation. Preventative maintenance Preventative maintenance is crucial for extending the longevity of assets as well as thwarting unprecedented system breakdowns. The preventative maintenance function of CMMS makes it possible for you to determine which maintenance tasks are required, schedule them and determine the tools and equipment necessary for implementing the maintenance task. The thoroughness presented by this function minimizes emergency faults and keeps the systems in top notch condition. Data recording, reporting, and analysis The system records information such as work history, maintenance tasks, maintenance schedules, equipment details such as model, specifications, serial numbers and warranties, equipment lifecycle and asset identification numbers. This kind of information is essential for inventory management and planning. Aside from making data entry procedures easy and convenient, CMMS software has a function for analyzing and reporting the recorded data. The system can also help with the analysis of labor reports, maintenance schedules, maintenance costs and asset reports. Asset and Equipment Management Asset management is crucial whether your business is in one location or multiple locations. The system allows you to record information on what equipment you have, in which locations, maintenance tasks and schedules, safety certification procedure, instances of equipment failure, downtime, and reported error codes. Inventory Management. Inventory management is a pivotal part of any maintenance management system. It ensures that…

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