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7 Ways Inventors Can Market Themselves (and Their Products)

Inventing an ingenious product is only the first step to having it be recognized and appreciated. If you’ve invented a product but no one has access to it, how will you be able to create an impact? Getting comfortable with the art of marketing is a vital skill that all inventors must hone. Here are 7 tips to help you start marketing your products: 1. Know Your Customers One of the easiest traps to fall into when you start to market a new invention is assuming that your product is for everyone. While it may reach wider audiences as time goes on, your marketing power lies in starting with a smaller customer base. Think about the purpose of your invention. Who is the ideal customer? That is where you want to start. Begin by using marketing strategies that will target your base customer. Once you start building a following of loyal users, you will be able to expand your target range. But remember: your original customers give the best indication of your product’s value and impact. 2. Start Narrow Make your marketing plan specific. This ties in with knowing your customer base. Rather than trying to reach every person in a certain radius, identify specific characteristics like gender, age, occupation, interests, and send your product marketing their way. When you start narrow, you’re able to grow a certain client base which is more likely to be a consistent and solid foundation. With an established following, your product will gain more credibility. That way, when you decide to branch out, potential customers outside of your original target group will be more interested in learning about your product. 3. Iterate, Evolve and Listen to Your Superfans Be willing to go back to your product time and time again to see what can be improved. Your initial prototype may be the best possible version in your eyes, but once it hits the market, the people using it will offer you valuable insight into how you can enhance your product’s significance. This is where your superfans come in. You’ll know them when you see…

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