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Top 5 Financial Podcasts for Small Biz Owners

There are so many podcasts out there created by small business owners that discuss the many ups and downs of getting a business started. These podcasts can serve as a mini support system when you’re getting started as an entrepreneur. Your only issue may be choosing just one. Don’t worry, we have put together a list of our top 5 financial podcasts for small business owners.   StartUp – True to its name, Startup is a podcast centered on getting started in the small business world. Covering a wide array of topics related to small business ventures, this podcast really steps out of the box and addresses so many things in the process. Even if not every episode is something you can relate to, odds are that someone out there, probably many someones, are in the exact situation that is being described and could learn so much from this eclectic group. That’s what the podcast is all about – helping people from all walks of life address the various issues that could come up during the course of getting a business up and running.   Episode to try – Running a Family and a Business   Entrepreneurs on Fire – John Lee Dumas, self-dubbed ‘JLD’, aims to get young people fired up to get their businesses started and to make them happy in their success. JLD works to inspire others to make their life follow their dreams. In the interviews for his podcast, JLD and his guests cover the main objective of going all in with your ideas. The common denominator among successful startups, to JLD, is going 100% into the new idea with every intention of being successful. JLD will explain how to work hard for what you get but to work smarter in the process as well. Episode to try – Be Your Own CFO: Take Control of Your Personal Finances   Office Hours with Spencer Rascoff – As a podcast that works like a roundtable discussion amongst several successful business leaders, Office Hours, seeks to address some of the toughest questions new businessmen and women will face…

Boost Your Facebook Reach and Engagement-10 Tactics

Getting people to see and share your Facebook posts is no easy feat. Here’s a 10-point guide to improving the reach and engagement of your Facebook posts without paying for ads.

5 Podcasts We Love and Why

Love podcasts? So do we! As a small business owner or someone who is looking to soon become one, you often feel alone in this new world. You may feel like you are throwing yourself into the lion’s den with no guidance. Guess again, friends, because there are plenty of people who have made it through the exact place you’re currently in! Not only are you not alone in this, but many podcasters have great insight into this world and what it takes to navigate through. In honor of National Podcast Day on September 29th, here are five podcasts we love for those who are getting started in the business world.   So Money – Farnoosh Torabi started this podcast as a way to help empower young adults and to help them figure out how to balance life with getting into the business world. Her primary goal was to help them understand their money woes. As her life and experiences morphed and grew in different directions, Farnoosh allowed her podcast and advice to grow with it. She went on to discuss career changes and growth, family balance, and newfound money woes, maturing her conversation to a growing audience that was following her advice through these same struggles as well. Guests on her podcast do not shy away from fearful topics. No issue is left alone as they discuss the good, the bad, and the bitter ugly that exists in entrepreneurship. Episode to try – 750: Ashley Feinstein Gerstley – teaching young women about their worth, wealth, and money.   The Side Hustle Show – This podcast focuses on how to earn money on the side. This really just means for anyone looking to supplement their income or as a means to slowly get out of the corporate world. Nick Loper really focuses this podcast on how to get your financial situation where you want it and out of the depths of debt. Nick basically goes to show that anyone is capable of having a productive side hustle, no matter the reasoning behind the leap of faith. Whether the side gig is…

How to Get Your Business Name Known

Can customers find you when they are looking for what your business sells? These ideas can help keep your name at the top of the list.

5 Ways to Repurpose Content and Extend Its Reach

Creating content to attract customers is expensive and time consuming. Here are five ways you can repurpose content to get the biggest bang for your buck.

The Best Female-Forward Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts. If you’re not listening, you should be. People turn to podcasts for entertainment, to catch up on the latest in pop culture, to learn about new things, or even to help better themselves in various avenues of life. It should be no surprise an increasing number of women are turning to podcasts to learn how to become more successful women. When it comes to running businesses and becoming true entrepreneurs, podcasts have a wealth of information. Here are 5 of our favorite female entrepreneurial podcasts for anyone looking for some business inspiration. Women Taking the Lead In the Women Taking the Lead weekly podcast, successful women sit down to chat with Jodi and discuss what it takes to be a successful leading lady. Jodi leads women in their journey to become successful businesswomen through the unique coaching system she designed herself. The podcast targets female listeners and encourages them to both recognize their own faults and limitations and leverage their strengths to ultimately become great leaders. The podcast and entire coaching system focus on Type A personalities and making the most of them. Jodi talks about leveraging the good, the bad, and the ugly to become an effective leader.  Episode to Try: 100% Jodi: Burpees, Business & Boys Why we love it: Jodi discusses being flexible in your goals and how adapting to change can actually be good for your goals. After all, life happens! The Intrepid Entrepreneur Kristen Carpenter-Ogden’s podcast, the Intrepid Entrepreneur, is another great podcast to listen to for any ladies who are looking to lead. This podcast aims to coach and help entrepreneurs who are just getting started but have the drive and determination to push their business to great heights. One significant goal of the podcast is to keep people level headed through the overwhelming process of starting a business. Rather than getting caught up in the tasks associated with getting a business launched, Kristen helps to guide people in the growth of their business through the passion they have for what they do. Episode to Try: The Art of Saying NO with Kristen…

How to Improve Your Online Presence

Your online presence needs to be strong and healthy if you want your business to be successful. Even if you aren’t an expert, you can use these 8 tips to build your online presence.

Internet Down? Try a Satellite Connection

When it comes to doing business, the Internet is vital. And, when it goes down, panic usually sets in. Currently, Internet subscribers are at the mercy of their providers and there is nothing that can be done to remedy the situation. But, things have changed. Hughes Network Systems has created a solution that will keep the Internet going strong, even during those unexpected and unwanted outages. Hughes Network Systems provides broadband satellite service for business and residential customers. Their Internet services reach the people who are unable to connect via cable and phone lines. Their Internet service, known as HughesNet, serves more than 1.2 million customers. They also have a program called HughesON, which uses satellite and traditional methods to keep large businesses and government entities connected at all times. Hughes Network Systems has a new program they call HughesNet Internet Continuity that can fill the void that Internet outages bring. By subscribing to this program, Internet users will be able to access satellite Internet when the terrestrial options go down. Then, when the terrestrial Internet is running again, the satellite Internet stops. This is a must-have service for any business that relies on the Internet for productivity and sales. It can be used by residential and business customers who rely on cable, fiber, or DSL Internet. Residential and business Internet users usually do not subscribe to satellite Internet as their first choice, simply because the cost is prohibitive. Terrestrial Internet is more affordable for those who have it readily available. But, this backup Internet service is worth the expense because it keeps business moving. Most who rely on terrestrial Internet know that outages happen. Those outages can be weather-related and they can be caused by equipment problems and hardware degradation. Because HughesNet does not rely on those terrestrial lines, it can provide this useful automatic backup system. Business is able to keep moving because of the way the backup system is set up by HughesNet. It uses a Wi-Fi modem, an antenna, and radio, along with a special router to switch back and forth between the terrestrial and satellite…

How to Use Click-Through Rates to Create More Successful Emails

Trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t in your email marketing campaigns isn’t always easy. Learn about how you can analyze your email’s click-through rate to determine how well your message is getting through.

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