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If you have been driving around as a way to earn that extra income, there is a better and less stressful opportunity for you. Whether you are making extra money to pay off bills, save for a vacation, or splurging on a new pair of shoes, you can get the job done in the comfort of your own home as your own boss. A Ridesharing Side Gig Can Be Stressful  When you use your car to earn extra money, it can get old real fast, and so can your car. You also have to take into consideration the following: The wear and tear on your car and extra maintenance expenses The extra amenities you need to stock in your car in order to ensure that you get that 5-star satisfaction rating Sitting in traffic all day under pressure to get your riders to their destinations in time The fear of picking up strangers in unknown destinations and different parts of town Inexplicably getting less than a 5-star rating and starting to worry about your score When you factor in all of the above stressors, the luster of the ridesharing idea starts to fade as fast as the new coat of wax you put on your car. There is an Easier Way to Earn Extra Income without Leaving Home You can launch your own home based call center using the Arise Platform to provide inbound customer service support to F500 clients.  Arise provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals to launch their own virtual call centers and be their own boss without a huge investment in equipment, and you never have to leave your home. You can even work in your comfy pajamas if you choose. When you’re the boss, the choices are all yours again and you have the power back in your court. You get to set your own hours, select the projects that match your skills and earnings expectations, and hire agents to grow your business. You control your earning potential based on how large you grow your business, the frequency you and your agents work and the…


Remember when the idea of a summer gig could be the start of something new in your life? This summer is no exception; you can get that feeling back again. Are you interested in customer service and being your own boss? Heat things up in your bank account and enjoy the freedom of making your own hours and skipping the commute to an office. The Arise Platform Provides an Ideal Business Opportunity for Many interested in Customer Service This is not a job! It is an ideal business opportunity for anyone looking to heat things up this summer. Anyone who is driven to be their own boss can succeed in the call center industry by using the Arise Platform. It is easy to get started and you can have your own call center business up and running and using the Arise Platform by this summer. There are minimal start-up costs and little risk. Many teachers who are off during the summer, and stay-at-home moms, take advantage of the lull over the summer time to start something exciting that can change your focus from a job to a business: • Be your own boss, make your own schedule. If you don’t want to wake up early during the summer, you don’t have to. • The hours are flexible, you can make them work around your schedule and still take time for what you want to do over the summer. • Hire friends and family to work for your company – the more you and they work, the more you earn. • No commute necessary and you can stay inside with the air conditioning • There are many different client programs you can service on the Arise Platform so you can find an industry that interests you most. Heat things up with a business opportunity this summer that allows you to be your own boss. Ready to begin with the Arise Platform now and turn a summer gig into a work from home career opportunity? Register today! REGISTER NOW The post PREPARE NOW FOR A SUMMER GIG THAT CAN TURN INTO A…


What if you could start your own business and work from home this summer? Break away from the usual, tedious summer jobs and work at home in your pajamas all summer. Trade in your lesson plans for business plans. Teachers are perfect for starting a home-based call center business using the Arise Platform. You are already organized, motivated, and possess those self-starter qualities. You regularly make lesson plans, so a business plan will come second nature to you. Everything you already do as a teacher works for both teaching and running your own call center business. Benefits of Starting Your Own Call Center and Registering to use the Arise Platform This is not your average business startup; when you use the Arise Platform, there are minimal startup costs and very little risk. You can start your own call center and work from home without a huge investment in infrastructure. It’s easy to get started and you can be up and running by the time summer starts. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are many: Be your own boss, make your own schedule. If you don’t want to wake up early all summer, you don’t have to. The hours are flexible, you can make them work around your schedule and still take time for what you want to do over the summer.  No commute necessary and you can stay in your pajamas. There are many different companies to service on the Arise Platform so you can find an industry that interests you most. Grow your company! Have other teachers and friends that might like this idea too? They can work for your call center. You can heat things up this summer by jumpstarting your own call center company that can be an extra source of income. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and see where this new opportunity takes you. Interested? Click here to get a free crash course on starting your own business. Not registered? Register today and be ready to start this summer!   REGISTER NOW The post TEACHERS, BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR AND EARN EXTRA MONEY WORKING FROM HOME THIS…


Inbound Sales and Customer Service Opportunity with a Leading Home Improvement Supplier Provide customer service from home for the nation’s leading home improvement retailer through the Arise® Platform!  If you love fixing up your home, and helping others do it themselves, then this is a great opportunity to put your do-it-yourself abilities to work and start your own homebased virtual customer support business!  Just like most home improvement projects, it’s easier than you think! The world’s largest home improvement retailer is a great opportunity for DIYers. Taking inbound sales or fielding customer service calls puts you in touch with like-minded DIY customers, professional contractors, and the industry’s largest installation business for the Do-It-For-Me customers. What to Expect from this Opportunity with a Leading Home Improvement Supplier Assisting customers with product questions Placing new orders Handling existing orders: returns/ replacements Provide store specific support Contacting vendors for shipping information The Arise® Platform puts you in charge of your schedule, your hours, and yourself! As your own boss, you can work from home, avoid the commute and hire others to work for your company. This happens all through your very own home based call center. Benefits of running your own virtual call center business using the Arise Platform Be your own boss, and work from home Schedule your work around your life, not the other way around Earn extra money for vacations or escape the 9-to-5 Are you registered with a call center company using the Arise Platform? Visit the portal  today to get all the details about this opportunity. Not registered? Start the process today – the Arise® Platform empowers you to be your own boss, schedule your own hours, and achieve your goals! It provides a means of controlling your own destiny, and a first step to seeing how far you can go on your own by de-risking the proposition of starting your own call center business! Find out more about starting the process of transforming your life for the better. Ready to get started?  Register today!   REGISTER NOW The post CALLING ALL HOME IMPROVEMENT ENTHUSIASTS! appeared first on…

Make OTHER PEOPLE drives you thousands of vistors for FREE

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Many people throughout their lives find themselves unexpectedly unemployed due to layoffs, health issues, family issues, etc. Don’t let unemployment get you down. The Arise Platform offers something better than a job – the chance to pivot your life and become a home-based business owner. Never be at the mercy of a job again! Take control of your career, and future, by running your own mini-call center and using the Arise Platform to provide inbound customer support to Fortune 500 clients from home. Customer support opportunities are available for clients such as Intuit, Carnival and Staples, to name a few. The Arise Platform Provides a New Outlook on Work The ability to schedule your work around your life instead of having your job rule your life. Being able to support world-class companies but still working from home. Having complete control over your work schedule. Running your own company. The freedom of earning a living through a fulfilling business, not just getting a paycheck. Find Your New Career Arise connects small call center companies, run by people like you, to prestigious Fortune 500 clients through a virtual platform. Arise provides the clients, your company provides the service. The Arise Platform allows you to start your own call center and earn money from the comfort of your own home. Make your own hours and have a flexible schedule while working from home providing inbound support, customer service, or technical support. Find out more information about starting the process of transforming your life for the better by watching this video for an overview of the registration process. Ready to get started? Register today! REGISTER NOW The post FORGET THE JOB – FIND YOUR INNER ENTREPRENEUR! appeared first on Arise Work From Home. Powered by WPeMatico


The Arise Platform currently has hundreds of service opportunities supporting the leading provider of heating, cooling, and water heater solutions to Canadian homeowners! This opportunity is available to call centers and their agents in Canada. This inbound customer support only, year-round, client program is offering more opportunities than ever before! The sales component of the program means lots of great revenue incentives!  Canadian winters are COLD and the summers are HOT – so after a long cold winter, it’s suddenly sweltering and across the country air conditioning units go from forgotten to overused in a matter of days. That puts a lot of stress and strain on air conditioning equipment, and as a result the repair calls come rolling in like clockwork. As a result, Canada’s leading home heating and cooling provider is getting ready for the influx of summer calls – and now’s the time to get in on it through the Arise Platform. This program is unique because in addition to the satisfaction of helping people resolve their issues by scheduling an appointment for them to fix their home cooling system – companies with great sales agents also have an opportunity to take advantage of several revenue incentives for upselling. Benefits of this opportunity: Be your own boss, and work from home Schedule your work around your life, not the other way around Extra money or escape the 9-to-5 What does it take to be successful? Excellent sales and customer service skills. Excellent verbal communication and phone etiquette skills (clear, crisp speech). Excellent judgment and decision-making skills. Sales skills are a plus as there are tons of opportunities to excel! Login to the portal for more information, and if you haven’t registered yet – get started now! REGISTER NOW The post INBOUND CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY FOR CANADIAN CALL CENTERS! appeared first on Arise Work From Home. Powered by WPeMatico

Innovators podcast @ Stanford

A fun interview at Stanford about some old things and new ones. Founders 2:15: Founders and dysfunctional families 3:55: Operating in chaos 7:18: Mentorship is a two-way street 11:50: Founders are artists 14:03: Failure=experience 17:27: Rules for raising a family if you’re a founder Startups 19:25: Startups are not smaller versions of large companies 22:03: How I-Corps and H4X were born 26:25: Your idea is not a company 31:19: Why the old way of building startups no longer works 32:53: Origin of the Lean Startup 34:24 Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything in the Harvard Business Review 35:28: How innovation happens Company/Government Innovation 41:37: Innovation is different in companies and gov’t agencies 42:35 The Innovation Pipeline 43:30  Deliverable products and services not activities 44:25  GE & Procter and Gamble and Lean 46:44: Startups disrupting things by breaking the law Government Innovation 51:12: Fighting continuous disruption with continuous innovation 52:08: How governments innovate 53:58: The U.S. government goes Lean 56:00: Customer Development versus Design Thinking 57:54: Innovation from the battlefield to the boardroom Powered by WPeMatico

10 Investor Approaches To Avoid When You Need Funding

Many new entrepreneurs are so excited by their latest idea that they can’t resist contacting every investor they know, assuming the investor will be equally excited and want to contribute immediately. Others will work hard on a business plan, and then mail it indiscriminately to every potential investor they can find on the Internet. Both of these approaches are a waste of your time and theirs. The best professional investors receive dozens of proposals a day, so they are conditioned to look for quantitative data, rather than passion, for credibility and potential. They also look for entrepreneurs they know from past experience and warm introductions, or for evidence that you have previously built a successful startup, and sold your last one for maybe $800 million. If you are not in that rare category of known and proven entrepreneurs, you should avoid the following list of my top ten turnoffs that I have personally experienced as an angel investor. These will put your proposal in the circular file, and even future good opportunities from you may go to the bottom of my list: “Give me a call to hear about an opportunity that can’t fail.” Teasing or spamming an investor is not the way to his pocketbook. Also suggesting that they check out your website or video and tell you what they think will not likely peak their curiosity. Every pitch should start with a concise statement of the problem and your innovative solution. “Attached is a copy of my full business plan for your review.” Too much detail at first contact is just as much of a turnoff as no information. The first page of the business plan better be an executive summary which gives the investor a taste of the financials, as well as opportunity, competition, and key executives. “I don’t have a business plan, but the technology is disruptive.” Investors are buying part of the business, not the product or service. They only want a quick overview of the product, not detailed features and patent secrets. If you haven’t yet finalized the business model, cost projections, and customer…

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