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9 Massive Benefits of Tech Adoption in The Healthcare Industry

The recent technological developments in the healthcare sector have saved numerous lives and have even improved the living standard. The technology has not only made the lives of patients simpler… Read more » The post 9 Massive Benefits of Tech Adoption in The Healthcare Industry appeared first on

Siilo injects $5.1M to try to transplant WhatsApp use in hospitals

Consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp are not only insanely popular for chatting with friends but have pushed deep into the workplace too, thanks to the speed and convenience they offer. They have even crept into hospitals, as time-strapped doctors reach for a quick and easy way to collaborate over patient cases on the ward. Yet WhatsApp is not specifically designed with the safe sharing of highly sensitive medical information in mind. This is where Dutch startup Siilo has been carving a niche for itself for the past 2.5 years — via a free-at-the-point-of-use encrypted messaging app that’s intended for medical professions to securely collaborate on patient care, such as via in-app discussion groups and being able to securely store and share patient notes. A business goal that could be buoyed by tighter EU regulations around handling personal data, say if hospital managers decide they need to address compliance risks around staff use of consumer messaging apps. The app’s WhatsApp-style messaging interface will be instantly familiar to any smartphone user. But Siilo bakes in additional features for its target healthcare professional users, such as keeping photos, videos and files sent via the app siloed in an encrypted vault that’s entirely separate from any personal media also stored on the device. Messages sent via Siilo are also automatically deleted after 30 days unless the user specifies a particular message should be retained. And the app does not make automated back-ups of users’ conversations. Other doctor-friendly features include the ability to blur images (for patient privacy purposes); augment images with arrows for emphasis; and export threaded conversations to electronic health records. There’s also mandatory security for accessing the app — with a requirement for either a PIN-code, fingerprint or facial recognition biometric to be used. While a remote wipe functionality to nix any locally stored data is baked into Siilo in the event of a device being lost or stolen. Like WhatsApp, Siilo also uses end-to-end encryption — though in its case it says this is based on the opensource NaCl library It also specifies that user messaging data is stored encrypted on European ISO-27001 certified servers — and…

a16z Podcast: Beyond Zero-Sum Thinking in the Game of Tech… and Life

The rise of zero-sum thinking — which has come snapping back recently — slows and even halts progress, observes Marc Andreessen. Because you’re then dividing up a smaller piece, adds Ben Horowitz, instead of growing the pie altogether. This is …

7 Interesting Facts about Health Care across the World

The world is full of interesting facts that amaze us all every time. When health is an important aspect of your life, the unknown facts regarding this can be endless.… Read more » The post 7 Interesting Facts about Health Care across the World appeared first on

Sweden’s Engaging Care raises $800,000 for its digital healthcare SaaS

Engaging Care, a Swedish heathtech startup co-founded by Charlotta Tönsgård, who was previously CEO of online doctor app Min Doktor before being asked to step down, has raised $800,000 in “pre-seed” funding to continue building out its digital healthcare SaaS. Backing the burgeoning company are a host of well-established angel investors in the region. They include Hampus Jakobsson (venture partner at BlueYard Capital and co-founder of TAT, which sold to Blackberry for $150 million), Sophia Bendz (EIR at Atomico and the former Global Marketing Director at Spotify), Erik Byrenius (founder of OnlinePizza, an online food ordering company sold to Delivery Hero) and Neil Murray’s The Nordic Web Ventures. With the aim of dragging healthcare into the digital age, but in a more patient-friendly and patient-centred way than traditional electronic medical record systems, Engaging Care is developing a SaaS and accompanying apps to bring together patients, healthcare providers and partners to be “smarter and better connected”. Unlike software and digital services that work outside existing healthcare systems, the startup’s wares are billed as being designed to work within them. It is initially targeting people with long-term health conditions. “There has been tremendous progress made in the healthcare sector over the last decade. New advanced drugs, new methods for surgery and other treatments, but how healthcare workers share important information with the patient and the interaction between caregiver and patient still basically happens the same way it did 50 years ago,” Tönsgård tells me. “The systems of today are still designed around the doctor – even though we might spend as little as 15 minutes with him or her every year, but hours, days and years alone with our condition. On top of this, most western healthcare systems are struggling financially, with an ageing population, more prevalence of chronic diseases and a shift in expectations from the public, adding to the challenges”. In order to maintain current levels of service and make room for medical breakthroughs and new treatments that are happening at an increasing pace, Tönsgård argues that individual patients and healthcare providers need to work together in a different way.…

Work-at-Home Jobs for Physicians

When I went into the nursing field, I had a romanticized notion of what my work days would look like. Little did I know that those long 12+ hour shifts, high levels of stress, and grueling work conditions would burn me out in just a year’s time. Throw in having a baby and wanting to […] The post Work-at-Home Jobs for Physicians appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

Marketing Ideas for Dentists

Marketing is not usually the first thing on dental professionals’ minds. However, it’s an important part of building a successful dental practice. So for those who are relatively new to the marketing game and simply want to get their message in front of as many local dental patients as possible, here are 20 tips you can use to shape your marketing plan. Marketing for Dentists Find the Local Market That Is Most Likely to Choose Your Practice Pinpointing a target audience is an essential component of marketing any business. But for dental practices, it’s not just about choosing a few demographics or interest groups. You have to find the people in your area who are actually the most likely to appreciate the specific services and branding messages that your business has to offer. Holly Hutchison Patrick, managing editor of Patient News, said in an email interview with Small Business Trends, “In today’s fiercely competitive market, defining your marketing audience solely by age, gender, and income isn’t enough. It’s absolutely critical to identify your target audience — those who are in your local market (live in your practice neighborhood) who have the highest propensity to call your practice. When you target these people, not only will your in-bound call volume increase, but so will your call-conversion rates because the people who are calling are seeking the experience you offer. These are also the prospects who are most like your best patients-of-record and who will accept treatment plans at a higher rate, bring their family, refer friends and colleagues … and who will stay with you and positively impact your bottom line year over year.” Call Attention to Your Unique Value Proposition Another must for every marketing tactic, your UVP should be the thing that makes your practice stand out from all the other options that patients might have to choose from. Patrick says, “It needs to solve a patient problem, appeal to your strongest decision makers, communicate specific value unlike your primary competitors, and be the top reasons your practice is distinctly the better choice over other practices. Your UVP will…

How to Hire an Office Manager for Your Medical Office

In a medical practice, the office manager is one of the most important hires you can make. This position is the one responsible for seeing to all the little details that go into running the business, allowing the physician to focus on actually treating patients. So what goes into making this important hire? We spoke with some experts in the medical industry to find out some of the top qualities and best practices for finding the best office manager candidates. Here are some top tips. How to Hire a Medical Office Manager Emphasize Personality Over Experience Experience and skills are important in every job. You shouldn’t hire someone who is completely unqualified. However, as long as someone meets the minimum qualifications for the job, the attitude and personality that they display throughout the hiring process should speak louder than any extra years in the industry. Manny Oliverez, a 20-year veteran of the healthcare industry and CEO of Capture Billing & Consulting said in an email to Small Business Trends, “The number one quality I look for is personality, even before experience. The manager will need to develop a team and I believe it starts with a positive friendly attitude and a good sense of humor.” Look for a Varied Skill Set When it comes to skills, an office manager at a medical practice must offer a huge variety. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be the nation’s foremost expert on all of them, but they do at least need to be adaptable enough to take on different roles as needed. Mary Pat Whaley, founder and president of Manage My Practice, a practice management consulting firm, said in an email to Small Business Trends, “The office manager or practice administrator is the person who needs to wear many hats: human resource manager, accounts payable, payroll, billing and electronic medical records manager, facility manager, compliance manager, marketer and customer service support person. This person has risk management responsibilities as well as making sure the day-to-day flow of the office goes well, sometimes even jumping in to work at different stations…

10 Tips for Hiring Staff with Great Bedside Manner for Healthcare Businesses

When hiring support staff for a medical practice, one of the most important qualities you should look for is a good bedside manner. This can help patients feel truly cared for and satisfied with the experience. It can even make the difference between a patient coming back again and again or simply choosing a different practice where they feel more comfortable. How to Hire For Bedside Manner It can be a difficult thing to ascertain from a quick interview or sifting through resumes though. Here are some tips to help you find the candidates with the best bedside manner. Find People with a Calling to Serve People who thrive in the medical field often feel “called” to do that kind of work. While this is something you can’t necessarily observe in a tangible or quantitative way, it is something to look out for when reading cover letters and performing interviews. Mary Pat Whaley, founder and president of Manage My Practice, a practice management consulting firm, explained in an email to Small Business Trends, “All staff, whether clinical or administrative have to have that calling to serve people. Sick people are scared, angry and hurting, and support staff need to be able to understand that, not take things personally, and soothe patients when they might be at their very worst.” Look Out for Details Of course, there’s more to working at a medical practice than simply wanting to do so. Even little details can make a big difference in how they’ll perform. So experts advise keeping an eye out for the little things throughout the hiring process. Manny Oliverez, a 20-year veteran of the healthcare industry and CEO of Capture Billing & Consulting said in an email to Small Business Trends, “Review the resumes for the qualities, duties and responsibilities you are looking for. Select only the best resumes. Check for misspellings, grammar and formatting. Attention to detail is very important.” Save Time Early in the Process When it comes time to interview, you don’t need to spend tons of time with each candidate. A quick call can help you weed…

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