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10 Awesome Tips for Starting an Etsy Business

As of 2017, 33.4 million buyers had purchased items through Etsy’s handmade and vintage marketplace. So if you sell any products in those categories, using Etsy can help you get your shop in front of a huge built-in base of buyers. Tips for Starting an Etsy Business Building a business on this platform comes with its own set of unique opportunities and challenges. So if you’re interested in selling your wares on Etsy, here are some of the essential steps involved. Create the Perfect Product Combination On Etsy, it’s not just about deciding what to sell, but also how you can create your own unique niche. While you can certainly offer multiple products within the same category, Etsy isn’t a great ecommerce platform option for generic storefronts that sell everything under the sun. So find your niche and stick to it. As handmade business expert Elissa Carden explains in a blog post, “Think about this scenario: A customer is in need of a personalized silver necklace. She searches on Etsy, finds one she likes, and says, “Wow! I like this style. Let’s see what else this seller has to offer.” She clicks on the storefront and is then immediately confused. Where are the rest of the personalized silver necklaces? Why does she now see wooden growth chart rulers, industrial metal letters and planner stickers? She isn’t going to stick around in this variety store for long. Instead, she’s going to find an Etsy seller that specializes in the type of necklace she is looking for because she trusts a seller who looks like an expert in the craft.” Master Etsy SEO When customers go to shop on Etsy, they’re likely to enter a search term or browse within a specific category. So you need to take SEO into account as you create your listings. Think about the things people might search when looking for items like yours and include those terms in your titles, descriptions, and tags. Take Eye-Catching Photos Photography is one of the first things a potential buyer will notice about your listing. So it’s important that you…

Etsy Raises Sellers Fee to 5% – Including Shipping Charge

Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY) recently announced a fee increase which for the first time will also include shipping costs. But the blow might be somewhat softened by the announcement of two new features designed to help small businesses market their products on the platform. Etsy Raises Sellers Fees Per Transaction The increase takes the transaction charged on sales from 3.5% to 5% — but importantly the percentage will no longer be calculated just from the amount customers pay for your product. The cost you charge customers for shipping your product will now also be part of the equation making the overall cost being paid by sellers even higher. On the bright side, the company says it will also introduce two new Plus and Premium subscription levels with advanced tools to help shop owners grow and increase their visibility. The vast majority of Etsy sellers are small businesses who use the platform to supplement their physical stores or other eCommerce channels. With around 2 million sellers, Etsy has become an industry in itself and the premiere go-to platform for handmade crafters and vintage buyers and sellers. So how many small businesses are likely to jump ship with the new 1.5% transaction fee hike? The reaction so far seems to be mixed. As to how shop owners on Etsy are taking the news, it depends who you ask. While some sellers told USA Today they were likely to seek better opportunities or need to raise prices to compensate, others say they will wait and see what happens. The one issue which might get unanimous disagreement is why Etsy decided to add the shipping fee to the total price. Before this change, the shipping cost and the price of the item were separate, so the transaction fee would be based just on the price of the item. By adding the shipping price to the total, the transaction percentage will be higher, especially now because it stands at 5%. In justifying the increase, Etsy first pointed out it represents the company’s first-ever fee change. But in a post on the official Etsy News blog, Kruti…

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