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How to Cope When You Hit the “Feast” in the Freelance Blogger Feast and Famine Cycle

“I should be grateful, but…”  Has this ever happened to you? For months your blogging income was stuck at near-poverty level, and you would have done anything for more work. Then, almost without warning, more work started flooding in — and suddenly, you’d do anything to get back the time it’s taking to keep up. Three months after this first happened to me, the “feast” of work continues and so does the periodic “indigestion.” Sure, it’s nice to be rid of the financial worries from the time when my regular income was a third of what it is now; but I hadn’t anticipated the recurring fears of inadequacy, the surges of irritability, the lows of emotional depression following the highs of frantic work. It can be stressful being in a profession where your income rises and falls with busyness — “busyness” defined as keeping up with a LOT of small individual projects at once. I’m learning to cope. This is, after all, the earning level I hope to stay at or above for the rest of my working days. My top nuggets of wisdom for other freelance bloggers who’ve been served their first “feast”: Life Has Its Trade-Offs Most of us try to fit major new responsibilities into our lives without taking anything else out. News flash: most of our lives are pretty “full” already, and when a container is full, contents have to be removed to fit new ones in. Truthfully, few of our familiar activities are as indispensable as our comfort zones would have us believe. Principles for deciding what can go: First, eliminate complaining, gossip, and pity parties. Seriously. Some researchers say the average person complains 30 times a day. But even four complaints per day means more than fifty hours a year wasted in negative ruts. Most television watching and Internet surfing are mere time-killing. Eliminate shows and sites that offer no genuine pleasure or nurture. Drop any down-time activities you’re sticking with for no better reason than habit. If you still feel overloaded, consider whether it’s “all in your mind”—you may feel rushed simply because you’re…

Cracking the Editor’s Code: Writing a Killer Guest Post as a Freelance Blogger

Freelance bloggers are constantly looking for ways to spread their talent to outlets all over the internet. Let’s be honest, having your own blog is nice — but, when you get published on a website with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month, it feels great! Getting content published to big name websites isn’t easy, but it IS worth it. The satisfaction of getting your creativity out to scores of people while making money is perhaps one of the most rewarding feelings on planet Earth. The biggest hurdle that you’ll have to champion when sending out a guest post pitch involves getting past the editor of the website. Editors, in particular head editors, act as gatekeepers for the publication. Their primary responsibility is making sure that high quality, amazing content gets published to the site that they operate. If you can get the editor’s attention in a POSITIVE way you stand a good chance at getting published. We are going to dissect the steps involved in getting the pitching editor to take a look at your pitch — and respond favorably! The editor’s code is complex, there is no doubt about it. But if you have the proper resources and know-how, you too can get a piece published just about anywhere. Ready, Set, Research This first tip might come off as shocking, but it NEEDS mentioning. When you plan on pitching to a website please, please, (did I mention please?) research the website in question before you even think about writing your first email to them. It’s unbelievable how many people pitch to websites without knowing what the heck they do or discuss. Sadly, this is a trend that is never going to end. There will forever be those people who think that their idea is so good, so breathtaking, that it doesn’t matter that their pitch has NOTHING to do with niche of the aforementioned website. Imagine this; you own a website that specializes in nothing but care for farm animals and crop tips. You wake up, grab some coffee, and hop online. The first email in your…

Work From Home as a Writer For Get a Copywriter

Guest Post by: Erica Martin I’ve written for several websites since I started working as a freelance writer over five years ago. I write for Wordgigs and Textbroker, and some of you know I used to be a contributing writer on Work at Home Adventures. I mostly wrote SEO-optimized blog posts for these websites. I’ve […] The post Work From Home as a Writer For Get a Copywriter appeared first on Real Ways to Earn.

8 Ways to Earn Money While You Travel

Did you know there is an abundance of work from home jobs that you can do while you travel? When it comes to looking for work from home, one of the most popular reasons is to spend more time with your kids. But another big motivator for work from home jobs is the need for […] The post 8 Ways to Earn Money While You Travel appeared first on Real Ways to Earn.

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