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Inside the pay-for-post ICO industry

In a world where nothing can be trusted and fake news abounds, ICO and crypto teams are further muddying the waters by trying – and often failing – to pay for posts. While bribes for blogs is nothing new, sadly the current crop of ICO creators and crypto projects are particularly interested in scaling fast and many ICO CEOs are far happier with scammy multi-level marketing tricks than real media relations. The worst part of this spammy, scammy ecosystem is the service providers. A new group of media organizations are appearing where pay-to-post is the norm rather than the rare exception. I’ve been looking at these groups for a while now and recently found a few egregious examples. But first some background. Oh yeah, Mr. Smart Guy? How do I get press? Say you’re trying to publicize a startup. You’ve emailed all the big names in the industry and the emails have gone unanswered. Your product is about to flounder on the market without users and you can’t get any because, in perfect chicken-or-egg fashion, you can’t get funding without users and you can’t get users without funding. So isn’t it a good idea to pay a few dollars for a little press? No. And isn’t most PR just pay-for-post anyway? No. PR people are consummate networkers and are paid to reach out to media on your behalf and their particular set of skills, honed over long careers, are dedicated to breaking down the forcefield between the journalist and the outside world. They are your surrogate hustlers, dedicated to getting you more exposure. A good PR person is worth their weight in gold. They can call up a popular journalist and make a simple pitch: “This cool new thing is happening. Can I put you in touch?” If a journalist’s mission is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, a good PR person makes the comfortable look slightly afflicted in order to give the journalist a better story. Also, like velociraptors, they are tenacious and will follow up multiple times on your behalf. A bad PR person, on the…

Gig Economy News: Let’s Go

Every week we try to bring you the best Gig economy news bites from around the web, and this week is no different. We’re covering a range of entrepreneurial topics today to give you the info you need for where you are, and where you want to be. From ways to keep cash flowing, to finding your place in the unfettered world of freelancing, we’ve got priceless tips to empower your weekend. Stay Innovative In order to change the future of work, you have to invest in your community. So we’re honored to be included in Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies 2018 for our work on affordable healthcare for Gig economy workers with Stride Health and our recent acquisition of AND CO. Learn more and see the full list here. Keep the Cash Flowing In order to get your business growing, you gotta get paid! Believe it or not, a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle with keeping track of the payments they are owed, ensuring that they are received, and overall managing their business finances. These money-getting and saving tips will help ensure that you know who owes you, that you get paid on time, and that you are in good shape to grow. Set Yourself Up to Succeed Success as an entrepreneur is about passion, but it’s also about having the right tools to aid you along the way. Some of these tools are external: like time tracking apps, money management resources and so on, but some are internal. That’s why we recommend taking the time to read and learn about these 15 skills you’ll need in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. Find Your Place One of the things that draws a lot of people to becoming an entrepreneur is the sense that it can bring freedom from the trappings of a traditional job. Leaving the rat race can definitely be freeing, but what if you could take it to a new level? If you’ve ever dreamt of un-tethering yourself, taking your business on the road and seeing all that the world has to offer, this…

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