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Will Facebook Dominate Local? New Changes Challenge Google

The unexpected and impending change in Newsfeed announced by Mark Zuckerberg in January 2018 is affecting both the personal profile and the business page. But, the drastic Newsfeed change is set to overhaul and leave an impact on the professional pages, especially for small and medium-size companies. With more than 80 million businesses using the social media platform such pages are an integral part of the entire Facebook ecosystem. As per the recent changes, Facebook will show less of posts from business pages, videos, links to external blogs – which means less visibility of the content posted from business and professional pages. However, the new Facebook update has come as a sign of relief for small local businesses because the change will make it simpler for the customers to find and interact with the local businesses. And, the change possesses a serious threat to Google Local. The social networking service is gradually making a transition to become a useful tool for the members. 4 Imperative Changes of Business Pages on Facebook 1) Prominence of the recommendation feature To make it easier for the local small businesses, Facebook has made the recommendation feature prominent, which is helping local businesses to cultivate recommendations among the customers. Getting the user to click on the recommendation button will lead to a timeline post, which is then visible to the friends and family members of the customer. It is working as a potent stimulus for local businesses to reach their audience. And, it’s probably the most significant aspect of the Facebook Local. 2) Enhancement in local searches While Google Local is the dominant platform for local search, Facebook wants to increase its market share, Facebook local is helping users in their search for local SMBs. Even though the search engines like Google Local dominates the local searches at 80% percent compared to 48% for the social networking site, Facebook is a dark horse in the race and probably the only one which can match Google’s size, resources, and audience. The new local search results are displaying information by popularity among friends and not strangers. Furthermore,…

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