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How to Maximize the Return on Your Next Event

Ah, event planning. There’s a reason some people make an entire career out of it. From choosing a date to finding a location, to selecting just the right invitations and decorations, hosting an event is a major undertaking. In our personal lives we throw parties simply for the joy of it, but in the business world, we expect something more. So how do you ensure that your next business event is a success and that it brings a return that makes your investment worthwhile? Here are a few simple tips to help you get started. Set a Goal The best way to start is to establish your goals – before you even begin to plan. Are you looking to increase your visibility and build positive publicity for your brand? Or are you hoping to build brand loyalty? Other events are created with specific sales goals in mind, or to help a business build its customer database. While all of those goals probably sound great to you, the best plan is to pick one or two primary goals to help you measure the success of your event – and if you achieve several along the way, so much the better. Setting a specific goal up front helps you determine the success of your event, as well as plan for future events. Try to be as specific as you can; for example, identify the number of attendees you’d like to attract, the number of contact names and data you’d like to collect, or the type and volume of engagement you’d like to have on social media. The same holds true for setting sales goals. Do you have a specific volume of product you’d like to move? Know that from the start, and let it help you determine everything from the event space to how many staff members you’ll need on premise. Be Smart About Social Just a decade ago, most businesses thought of Twitter and Facebook as just a fad. Today they’re an integral part of nearly every marketing campaign. That’s just as true of event promotion. Like any marketing initiative, it…

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