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Learn to Never Handle a Paper or Email Twice

We all do it… to our own detriment. So, let’s make a pact that we will try, if not succeed, to handle our incoming messages more efficiently. Personal time management helps immensely to make a better manager of you and me. All of us have time management tips and tricks to help us get through […] The post Learn to Never Handle a Paper or Email Twice appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Valuing Time: Your Customers’ and Yours

Time is the only non-recoverable thing that each of us controls. We waste it, it’s forever lost. We waste our customers’/prospects’ time, we’ve cheated them out of their most precious commodity. We let our customers/prospects waste ours—we’ve enabled them to de-value us and what we can do to help them. Ironically, we seem to treat […] The post Valuing Time: Your Customers’ and Yours appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Time, Our Scarcest Resource

We all know the single thing we cannot recover is time. Once it’s passed, we can never recover it. Most everything else, we do, we can recover from. We can change our strategy if things aren’t going right, we can find new customers if we don’t have enough deals to make our number, we can […] The post Time, Our Scarcest Resource appeared first on SmallBizClub.

The One Word That Will Change Your Life

I was annoyed. Seething. Here I was talking with a client that was demanding the impossible. It wasn’t the first time I had these types of conversations. I asked “When do you want delivery?” “Next week” was the reply. My short answer. “Yes…..we can do that”. I was traveling that week and had to pull all-nighters […] The post The One Word That Will Change Your Life appeared first on SmallBizClub.

What Life’s Taught Me About the True Meaning of Success

What is success? It’s a big question. Many times we compare ourselves to others to define it. Is it an expensive car? A big house? Designer clothes? Money? Successful business? Overseas holidays? The price of materialism is often anxiety. We are worried about losing “stuff” in the future. Failing tomorrow. We question our past successes. […] The post What Life’s Taught Me About the True Meaning of Success appeared first on SmallBizClub.

No (Wo)Man is an Island

John Donne penned a famous poem, No Man Is An Island, as part of his Devotions on Emergent Occasions. Even in 1624, apparently there were problems with silos, self-centeredness, and the behaviors/mentalities that result. We tend to focus on ourselves, our jobs/goals/responsibilities. Whether we are a customer or whether we are in roles that serve customers, […] The post No (Wo)Man is an Island appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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