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Siilo injects $5.1M to try to transplant WhatsApp use in hospitals

Consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp are not only insanely popular for chatting with friends but have pushed deep into the workplace too, thanks to the speed and convenience they offer. They have even crept into hospitals, as time-strapped doctors reach for a quick and easy way to collaborate over patient cases on the ward. Yet WhatsApp is not specifically designed with the safe sharing of highly sensitive medical information in mind. This is where Dutch startup Siilo has been carving a niche for itself for the past 2.5 years — via a free-at-the-point-of-use encrypted messaging app that’s intended for medical professions to securely collaborate on patient care, such as via in-app discussion groups and being able to securely store and share patient notes. A business goal that could be buoyed by tighter EU regulations around handling personal data, say if hospital managers decide they need to address compliance risks around staff use of consumer messaging apps. The app’s WhatsApp-style messaging interface will be instantly familiar to any smartphone user. But Siilo bakes in additional features for its target healthcare professional users, such as keeping photos, videos and files sent via the app siloed in an encrypted vault that’s entirely separate from any personal media also stored on the device. Messages sent via Siilo are also automatically deleted after 30 days unless the user specifies a particular message should be retained. And the app does not make automated back-ups of users’ conversations. Other doctor-friendly features include the ability to blur images (for patient privacy purposes); augment images with arrows for emphasis; and export threaded conversations to electronic health records. There’s also mandatory security for accessing the app — with a requirement for either a PIN-code, fingerprint or facial recognition biometric to be used. While a remote wipe functionality to nix any locally stored data is baked into Siilo in the event of a device being lost or stolen. Like WhatsApp, Siilo also uses end-to-end encryption — though in its case it says this is based on the opensource NaCl library It also specifies that user messaging data is stored encrypted on European ISO-27001 certified servers — and…

Cyber startup Baffin Bay Networks takes in $6.4M funding led by EQT Ventures

For a long time, it has been hard to buy a cloud-first security platform that delivers full-stack security in a single data path. Current market solutions offer a “one-trick pony,” leaving companies with overly complex routing setups or abnormal latency of traffic to get a solution that fulfills their needs. Swedish cybersecurity startup Baffin Bay Networks thinks it has the answer, with distributed “threat protection centers” which interfere with the traffic before it reaches its customers’ services and removes any potential threats. It has today announced the closing of a $6.4 million Series A round. The investment was led by European VC EQT Ventures and the capital will be used for further international expansion. “We’re passionate about building a world-class threat protection platform – one that is easy to use for any company or service provider to protect their key assets and services,” said Joakim Sundberg, CEO at Baffin Bay Networks . Competitors include Incapsula, Cloudflare, Akamai, Arbor and the like. Via the customer portal Riverview, users can configure their own security settings and level of protection. The user interface allows for real-time tracking of traffic and delivers real-time results from threat analysis, providing current and complete information on the activity in their online environment. Should users wish not to configure settings on their own, they can rely on preset, sensible defaults, which are calculated using sophisticated algorithms.

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