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Arshad Madhani’s 4 Tips To Helping Entrepreneurs Unwind

Ever found yourself too busy to have any free time? Or perhaps you’ve been so preoccupied with business responsibilities that you’re starting to feel overwhelmed? This would be a great… Read more » The post Arshad Madhani’s 4 Tips To Helping Entrepreneurs Unwind appeared first on

Lies, damn lies and crypto analytics

For the past 12 years I’ve followed the rise of the startup — defined as a small business with global ambitions — from my perch at TechCrunch. During that period I watched business reporting change from a sleepy backwater on the back of the Sports section into a juggernaut, a force that controls the global conversation. Why? Because business reporting became war reporting, and the battles fought were between VCs, businesses and ideas that changed the world. In that period, VCs rose from glorified bank tellers to rock stars. Incubators popped up to socialize nervous founders and turn them into capital F Founders and the path for startups became a codified journey from failure to success. Now we’re seeing the same thing happen in ICOs. But something is wrong. The startups coming out of the ICO craze aren’t being judged on the character of their founders, on their technologies or their probability for success. They are being judged, quite simply, on quantitative metrics that interrogate a token with one question: “When Lambo?” This is the wrong approach. Token-based startups must receive the same level of socialization and scrutiny as the old VC-based startup vetting process. But something is different, and it’s an important difference. In the old VC model a group of men — and it was mostly men for a long time — would stand in judgement over an idea. If any number of arbitrary points of risk appeared they would smile and say “No” to the founder, sending them down the road for another “No.” Unless you were plugged in professionally, went to Stanford, or had your own cash, seed to even late-stage investment wasn’t available and the resulting “valley of death” of undercapitalization sunk countless startups. Now, however, something new is afoot. While it’s always nice to look at tokens in comparison with other tokens, this sort of quantitative masturbation can easily hide a multitude of sins. Due diligence on token-based companies must be done, but it must be done through the wisdom of crowds. Instead of trying to impress one dude in a fleece vest and…

Entrepreneurs – Here are 6 Best Ways to Relax

A recent study by The American Institute of Stress revealed that work is the leading cause of stress amongst the American people. With the bustle and hassle of the business… Read more » The post Entrepreneurs – Here are 6 Best Ways to Relax appeared first on

Customer Pain Points: How to Find Them

Customer pain points are the very first thing a startup needs to consider. This information needs to be ironed out long before an actual product or service idea is hatched.… Read more » The post Customer Pain Points: How to Find Them appeared first on

15 Effective Approaches for Entrepreneurs to Cultivate Greater Business Success

What is the No. 1 trait that is key to succeeding as an entrepreneur, and how have you cultivated it? These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an… Read more » The post 15 Effective Approaches for Entrepreneurs to Cultivate Greater Business Success appeared first on

Take Your New Business from Slow to Grow

People go rushing into business and they succeed. Yes, this does happen but in most cases, it doesn’t. People who rush toward success without taking the time to calculate the… Read more » The post Take Your New Business from Slow to Grow appeared first on

Startup Year One: 3 Tips to Maximize Startup Cash Flow

Profits are the difference between a successful business and a failed one. Just think about it. There’s a lot of advice out there on how NOT to fail inside the… Read more » The post Startup Year One: 3 Tips to Maximize Startup Cash Flow appeared first on

10 Business Tips For Online Entrepreneurs

10 Business Tips for an Online Entrepreneur Many say that entrepreneurship is an art that requires both of tools and knowledge as well as skills and abilities to take a project to success. And this need is imperative both in the face and online. Surely many of you have thought about setting up your own digital business. Of course, we tell you that it is a good idea and that although the competition is atrocious, digital businesses have a higher survival rate than face-to-face ones. It is clear that the investment in an online business is much less than in a face-to-face, it requires less expenses and it is easier and faster to reach your potential client because it is much more global. If you have your idea and you know that you want to become an online entrepreneur, surely you will find these 10 tips interesting to succeed as a digital entrepreneur.Let’s go there! 1. Always keep in mind the business model.Clearly define (in a few words) what you sell and what goals you want to achieve. When you think you have several lines of action, always review that note to help you direct your actions.2. Do not be afraidFears are often based on beliefs and assumptions. You have to open your mind and of course, take into account the risks, but that does not mean you do not have to try new options.3. Be creative.If you are going to start online, you may have noticed that the Internet is the largest library in the world. There is everything. Explore what your competition does, absorb everything you like and do not forget to be aware of topics such as marketing, design, advertising, e-commerce, in which advances and changes are rapid.4. Gather a good team.And it’s not about you needing a lot of people. Only those necessary, but who believe in your project, know it well and can delegate to them. Trust brings any company to a successful conclusion.5. Produce quality content.Creating quality materials for your audience will distinguish you from your competition. Study what your audience is looking for,…

How Addiction Can Destroy an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are typically some of the hardest working and most dedicated people you’ll find, willing to go further than most to see their dreams come true. However, just like everyone… Read more » The post How Addiction Can Destroy an Entrepreneur appeared first on

Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship: Are You Tired of Working for Someone Else Yet?

It’s really funny how many buzzwords one can find circulating in the entrepreneurship space at any given time. The word intrapreneurship is one that I’ve been contemplating on a lot… Read more » The post Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship: Are You Tired of Working for Someone Else Yet? appeared first on

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