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Get Your Home Business Off the Ground with Yahoo Small Business

Sponsored by Yahoo Small Business When I talk to aspiring entrepreneurs, three of their biggest challenges to getting started are lack of money, time, and the technical side of launching. Which I can so relate to. Back when I was researching how to set up a website, I was overwhelmed and confused. I had no […] The post Get Your Home Business Off the Ground with Yahoo Small Business appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

KZen raises $4 million to bring sanity to crypto wallets

KZen, a company run by former TC editor Ouriel Ohayon, has raised $4 million in seed to build a “better wallet,” obviously the elusive Holy Grail in the crypto world. Benson Oak Ventures, Samsung Next, Elron Ventures invested. Ohayon, who has worked at Internet Lab and founded TechCrunch France and Appsfire, wanted to create an easy-to-use crypto wallet that wouldn’t confound users. The company name is a play on the Japanese word kaizen or improvement and it also points to the idea of the zero-knowledge proof. Omer Shlomovits, Tal Be’ery, and Gary Benattar are deep crypto researchers and developers and helped build the wallet of Ohayon’s dreams. “We wanted something that did not feel like a pre-AOL experience, that was incredibly superior in terms of security, and simple to use,” he said. “We wanted a solution that brings peace of mind and that did not force the user into compromising between convenience and security which is, unfortunately, the current state of affairs. We quickly realized that this mission would not be possible to achieve with the same tools and ideas other companies tried to use so far.” The app is launching this month and is being kept under wraps until then. Ohayon is well aware that the world doesn’t need another crypto wallet but he’s convinced his solution is the best one. “The market does not lack solutions,” he said. “On the contrary, there are software wallets, hardware wallets, paper wallets, vaults, hosted custody. But there is no great solution. To be able to use a crypto wallet you either need a good dose of Xanax or a master’s degree in computer science or both, unless you want to depend on a central entity, which is even worse as the news are reminding us weekly.” We’ll see as they use the cash to launch a crypto wallet that anyone – not just Xanax-eaters – can use.

Entrepreneur focus: how I’m growing my business

Sometimes the idea of a business can come out of one simple conversation. Compare and Recycle is a comparison site for people looking to recycle or purchase a refurbished mobile phone. The app’s managing director, Matthew Moreton, spotted the gap in the market when his then-partner was looking to sell her old phone. We catch The post Entrepreneur focus: how I’m growing my business appeared first on Small Business.

October Special: Become a Stella & Dot Stylist for $99 and Get $500 in Product

Sponsored by Stella & Dot Looking to earn extra spending money? Want a fun, flexible career in the fashion industry? It’s the PERFECT job for Moms! In October, you can join Stella & Dot as a Stylist for only $99* and earn up to 35% commissions! You’ll also receive an additional $150 worth of bestsellers, totaling […] The post October Special: Become a Stella & Dot Stylist for $99 and Get $500 in Product appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

Don’t Just Listen, Do! How to Turn Idle Listening into Action (5 Tips)

Are you looking to start a business but have no idea where to begin? Do you know what you want to do but aren’t sure where to turn next or who you can ask? Podcasts could be the genie to fulfill your wishes. Idle listening is easy. But taking the lessons and putting them to practice is the hard part.   The biggest factor that separates a successful startup from an unsuccessful one is actually taking the necessary steps to get started. Thinking about starting a business gets you nowhere; you must take action to become successful. Great ideas do not a business make. The way to use podcasts as a tool to success is by taking action from the information provided. Here are our 5 top tips for using podcasts to help your business grow. Network – Podcasts are really a live action, audio blog. The people who put these business podcasts on have been where you are. They, too, started their business from the bottom and worked through the ringer to get where they are now. Odds are they have some solid advice for others that are just getting started. Podcasters started talking about their experiences to help other people. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who’s podcast stands out to you. If you have questions, comment and ask them! They will more than likely answer you and offer wise advice. If they weren’t willing to dole out advice when questioned, they wouldn’t have put it out there to begin with. Don’t fret! Choose Wisely – Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to listen to every podcast on business that you can find. Instead, focus on those most in line with the type of business you plan to start and those that are most in tune with your mindset and goals. Listen to these podcasts and truly listen to what they’re saying. Devote even just an hour a day to listening to the podcasts that most match your business plan. These will give you the better ideas for what you need to focus on. Take notes, apply…

8 Ways to Streamline Your Monthly Billing Process

As a business grows and it becomes imperative to streamline monthly billing, what’s your best tip for doing so efficiently and effectively? Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. YEC members represent nearly every industry, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year and have created tens of thousands of jobs. Learn more at 1. Delegate the Process to a Financial Professional The most important thing you can do with your day-to-day finances as your business grows is to delegate them to someone else. Whether you delegate them to a CPA, a fractional CFO or a trusted bookkeeper, the best way to help finances run smoothly is to remove them from the founder’s plate altogether. An hour-long check-in meeting once a month is much more manageable than dealing with individual invoices. – Brittany Hodak, The Superfan Company 2. Set a Companywide Day for Invoicing It’s good to build a company policy for how billing and payments are handled. It’s even better to create a policy for when invoicing takes place. Set a day in your company for when this will occur, and make sure everyone is aware. The better you systematize it, the better it will go. – Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now 3. Find a Software Solution That Works for Your Business There are tools out there, such as Quickbooks Online, Stripe and Chargify, that handle monthly billing. These solutions enable you to set up monthly billing options and monitor activity. They also integrate with a bunch of other third-party tools, enterprise resource planning systems and e-commerce systems. – Michael Hsu, DeepSky 4. Build a Tech-Centered Process for Invoicing Entrepreneurs now have access to a long list of software, particularly in the cloud, that supports small- to medium-sized businesses. These tools can help with invoicing, collections and even processing payments. Invest time in building a process that leverages the best software for the business while documenting all the relevant steps so anyone on the team, including new members, can step in to take over the work. – Jonathan Gass, Nomad Financial 5. Negotiate the Proper Payment Terms Up Front As your business reputation and the desire for others to do business with you grows, you should start dictating better payment terms from your vendors. For product companies, a net 90 payment term can be brutal…

Top 5 Financial Podcasts for Small Biz Owners

There are so many podcasts out there created by small business owners that discuss the many ups and downs of getting a business started. These podcasts can serve as a mini support system when you’re getting started as an entrepreneur. Your only issue may be choosing just one. Don’t worry, we have put together a list of our top 5 financial podcasts for small business owners.   StartUp – True to its name, Startup is a podcast centered on getting started in the small business world. Covering a wide array of topics related to small business ventures, this podcast really steps out of the box and addresses so many things in the process. Even if not every episode is something you can relate to, odds are that someone out there, probably many someones, are in the exact situation that is being described and could learn so much from this eclectic group. That’s what the podcast is all about – helping people from all walks of life address the various issues that could come up during the course of getting a business up and running.   Episode to try – Running a Family and a Business   Entrepreneurs on Fire – John Lee Dumas, self-dubbed ‘JLD’, aims to get young people fired up to get their businesses started and to make them happy in their success. JLD works to inspire others to make their life follow their dreams. In the interviews for his podcast, JLD and his guests cover the main objective of going all in with your ideas. The common denominator among successful startups, to JLD, is going 100% into the new idea with every intention of being successful. JLD will explain how to work hard for what you get but to work smarter in the process as well. Episode to try – Be Your Own CFO: Take Control of Your Personal Finances   Office Hours with Spencer Rascoff – As a podcast that works like a roundtable discussion amongst several successful business leaders, Office Hours, seeks to address some of the toughest questions new businessmen and women will face…

Entrepreneur Q&A: ‘The Internet is the current issue for us’

Owning a bike shop is good fun, but online shopping, market uncertainty and Brexit bring about some tough challenges. Pennine Cycles co-founder, Sandra Corcoran, talks to about her experiences of running the Yorkshire-based store. What is Pennine Cycles and how did it come about? We sell everything from children’s and balance bikes to top The post Entrepreneur Q&A: ‘The Internet is the current issue for us’ appeared first on Small Business.

VCs say Silicon Valley isn’t the gold mine it used to be

In the days leading up to TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018, The Economist published the cover story, ‘Why Startups Are Leaving Silicon Valley.’ The author outlined reasons why the Valley has “peaked.” Venture capital investors are deploying capital outside the Bay Area more than ever before. High-profile entrepreneurs and investors, Peter Thiel, for example, have left. Rising rents are making it impossible for new blood to make a living, let alone build businesses. And according to a recent survey, 46 percent of Bay Area residents want to get the hell out, an increase from 34 percent two years ago. Needless to say, the future of Silicon Valley was top of mind on stage at Disrupt. “It’s hard to make a difference in San Francisco as a single entrepreneur,” said J.D. Vance, the author of ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ and a managing partner at Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Fund, which backs seed-stage companies based outside Silicon Valley. “It’s not as a hard to make a difference as a successful entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio.” In conversation with Vance, Revolution CEO Steve Case said he’s noticed a “mega-trend” emerging. Founders from cities like Pittsburgh, Detroit or Portland are opting to stay in their hometowns instead of moving to U.S. innovation hubs like San Francisco. “The sense that you have to be here or you can’t play is going to start diminishing.” “We are seeing the beginnings of a slowing of what has been a brain drain the last 20 years,” Case said. “It’s not just watching where the capital flows, it’s watching where the talent flows. And the sense that you have to be here or you can’t play is going to start diminishing.” J.D. Vance says that most entrepreneurs don’t need to move to Silicon Valley. Here’s why. #TCDisrupt — TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) September 6, 2018 Farewell, San Francisco “It’s too expensive to live here,” said Aileen Lee, the founder of seed-stage VC firm Cowboy Ventures, amid a conversation with leading venture capitalists Spark Capital general partner Megan Quinn and Benchmark general partner Sarah Tavel . “I know that there are a lot of people in the Bay…

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