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Nylas scores $16M Series B to expand email API tool

Nylas, a startup that helps developers integrate email content into applications via an API, announced a $16 million Series B today led by Spark Capital. Other investors joining in included Slack Fund, Industry Ventures, and ScaleUp along with existing investors 8VC, Great Oaks Capital, Rubicon Venture Capital and John Chambers’ personal fund. Today’s investment brings the total raised to $30 million. The Nylas API works in a similar way to Stripe or Twilio, but instead of helping developers connect to payments or communications with a couple of lines of code, Nylas helps them connect to email, calendar and contact information. The idea behind any API like this is to give developers who lack expertise in a particular area outside the core purpose of their application, easy access to a particular type of functionality. Company CEO Gleb Polyakov says that prior to Nylas, there really wasn’t an effective way to connect to email systems without a lot of technical wrangling. “Every person who is using the Internet has an email address, and there’s an immense amount of data that lives in the mail box, in the calendar, in your address book. And up until now, companies have been unable to effectively use that data,” he told TechCrunch. It seems like a must-have kind of ability to connect to this type of information from any application, but most companies have shied away from a comprehensive approach because it’s hard to do, says company co-founder and CTO Christine Spang. “We have essentially built adapters for the native protocols for each email system: Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, open source IMap servers and all the different extensions that are available on the different IMap implementations. And the key part is that with these adapters, we can talk to backend providers like Google, GoDaddy and Yahoo, Spang explained. Photo: Nylas This capability could be useful for developers in lots of scenarios such as pulling data for a CRM tool from an email exchange between a salesperson and a customer, or to coordinate meetings around the calendars of several individuals and an open meeting room that works for all…

Yoonla Review: Does this CPA Course Really Work?

It’s another day and another internet marketing course is promising you quick and easy cash on autopilot. But if this was truly the case, I guess we wouldn’t have so much people stuck in jobs they don’t like. You probably thought the same thing. So now you are looking at different Yoonla reviews online to […]

10 Digital Marketing Assets You Need to Invest in Today

Saving for most of us was encouraged from an early age. The piggybank was placed somewhere safe. The shiny coins clunked and clinked into the slot that locked away the pennies until that visit to the bank. The coins of various shapes and sizes were added up by the man behind the counter. They smiled at […] The post 10 Digital Marketing Assets You Need to Invest in Today appeared first on SmallBizClub.

4 Tips for Using Facebook Lead Ads

Do you need more leads for your small business? Do you want to generate qualified leads from Facebook? Well, the best way to use Facebook for lead generation is to use lead ads. A Facebook lead ad helps you generate leads by collecting your audience’s information (such as name and email address) through a lead […] The post 4 Tips for Using Facebook Lead Ads appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Leverage “Free Stuff” to Generate More Leads

The digital marketing concept itself is simple—drive relevant traffic to your site and convert those visitors into customers. However, executing this concept is a difficult challenge for most businesses. It’s much easier said than done. Driving traffic to your website can be expensive and is only half the battle. Converting that Web traffic into customers […] The post Leverage “Free Stuff” to Generate More Leads appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Workers are only productive for up to two hours a day

A quarter of workers are only productive for up to two hours a day, according to new research from Fellowes. This adds up to 40 million hours of lost productivity in the UK each week. The problem is getting worse over time. Compared to data from 2017, the average office worker has lost an extra The post Workers are only productive for up to two hours a day appeared first on Small Business.

6 Signs You’re Over-Segmenting Your Marketing Automation Campaigns

Email marketing automation software and personalization is becoming more hyped with the rise of big data and AI. Every marketer knows that email list segmentation improves open and click rates. Segmented lists have 14.31% more open rates than non-segmented counterparts. It also raises click rates up to 100.95%. But, there’s such a thing as over-segmentation. Too much segmentation can actually hurt your marketing efforts instead of boosting it. But, how much segmentation is too much?  Fortunately, you don’t have to make a wild guess if you’re doing too much. There are signs that show that you’re over-segmenting. Here are the markers that your segmentation is off-key and tips on how to resolve these over-segmentation problems. You have more than 7 personas.  The rule on how many personas you should have is not set on rock but more than 7 is a bit too much for most companies. If you’re just a start-up, start with one persona and escalate from there. The number of your buyer personas depends on how diverse your products are. Buyer personas should be between one to five, with three as the most ideal. This number allows you to adequately serve the personal preferences of each group.  Some of those personas are overlapping. This problem coincides with problem number one. Having more than 7 personas suggest that some of your personas have overlapping characteristics. Not only does this divert you from focusing on better campaigns, it wastes your time and effort too. Check your personas and merge the groups that have overlapping characteristics. You don’t have to microsegment every data you have about your potential clients. You just need to find a common ground and build your segment from there. Each segment should significantly differ from each other. You’re relying too much on software.  Even if AI is replacing most of the marketing tasks, there is no substitute for human intuition. At the other side of your marketing ploys are human beings, not machines. So you shouldn’t allow all of technology to dictate how you segment. A software can only give answers, but they don’t know how…

5 Online Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs to Know

We spend hours every day online, and every business today should know that they need to develop an online marketing strategy. Some smaller businesses which do not have an online storefront or much of a presence online besides a website may conclude that online marketing is a low priority. But it is precisely those businesses […] The post 5 Online Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs to Know appeared first on SmallBizClub.

The Three Most-Overlooked Digital Marketing Hacks Small-Businesses Forget To Utilize

Every day I encounter another small-business struggling to gain tracking in the digital world. The frustrating thing is, today, it’s absolutely critical to be present and active in the digital space. To ignore it is to intentionally leave potential new business on the table. Here are three digital marketing tactics that most small-businesses forget to utilize and how you can leverage them to get your business growing again. Display and Social Remarketing Remarketing efforts are still the number one tactic I see small-businesses leaving on the table. Remarketing is the relatively simple process of tagging site visitors and then remarketing to them based on what pages and content they may have viewed. The two primary ways to deploy remarketing are Google Remarketing with the Google Remarketing Tag and Facebook Remarketing which utilizes Facebook’s Pixel code. Both allow you to implement better-targeted display ads across Google’s display network and targeted social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.  While the backend coding can be a little intimidating, an effective remarketing campaign, via Google Adwords or Facebook’s ad platforms, is easily managed. If your business is still not taking advantage of this tactic, reach out to an agency or freelance resource.  They can quickly set-up a remarketing plan for you, and it will be the marketing expenditure you make all year. Developing Content That Speak’s To Your Customers While the site content you’re providing might be helpful to your visitors, often it fails to convert because companies forget to customize their content to match the ultimate intent of your most ideal customers, the ones who are already somewhere in the conversion funnel. Developing a comprehensive content strategy is more a case of hitting-up the right people with the right message at the right time. Too often, companies post content that is too general, thus failing to be relevant. Take what you have learned about your customers’ various buying personas and figure out what the trigger points were for each. After that, develop additional content that specifically addresses their needs and intents during the buying process (do they, for instance, need the reassurance of…

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