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5 marketing tips to attract more local customers

Looking to boost your local search results with a better online presence? Join this free webinar, hosted with SCORE, to learn how small businesses can bring in more customers beyond relying on word-of-mouth alone. Gain insider marketing tips and inspiration, whether you’re in startup mode or have been in business for generations. In this webinar: See how to rework your website to highlight what makes you unique Get quick fixes to drive more traffic to your Google and Yelp listings Learn how to elevate your Google search rankings for your business Discover email marketing strategies to spur repeat visits and sales Get tips on boosting your brand identity online About the presenter Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand Officer at Deluxe Corp., leads a team of experts who provide marketing services to millions of small businesses across America. Brinkman also produces and stars in the acclaimed Small Business Revolution — Main Street series, in which she and her team provide a $500,000 revitalization to one lucky small town and its Main Street businesses. The post 5 marketing tips to attract more local customers appeared first on Deluxe Small Business Resource Center.

5 Steps to Become an Email Marketing Guru

The marketing landscape for businesses has changed drastically since the advent of the internet. Reaching out to potential consumers is no longer reliant on broad and impersonal TV spots, radio… Read more » The post 5 Steps to Become an Email Marketing Guru appeared first on

Start your seasonal marketing with Everything Holiday

Ready to get a jump on your holiday marketing? The Everything Holiday resource center is open now! Everything Holiday has the festive tips and holiday helpers your business needs to stand out this season. Here are just a few of the treats you’ll find: The popular Subject Line Generator, which makes it a snap to create compelling seasonal subject lines Free holiday-themed imagery to use in your email and social media campaigns Clever holiday ideas to help you make an impression in this busy advertising season Many more holiday marketing must-haves With Everything Holiday, your holiday season is practically guaranteed to be merry and bright. And for even more holiday guidance and insights, download our free eBook, Holiday Marketing Fundamentals below. Shine brighter than the competition Get seasonal tips and practical advice to make the most of the holidays. Download our free Holiday Marketing Fundamentals eBook today. Download the eBook >> The post Start your seasonal marketing with Everything Holiday appeared first on Deluxe Small Business Resource Center.

Clothing boutique designs unique email marketing strategy

Paulette Kirk Kasmer, owner of Polka Dot Parlor, encourages her customers to express themselves through fashion. “The store is all about looking good and feeling good,” she says. Based in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, the quirky boutique boasts an eclectic mix of vintage clothing and kitschy accessories. Although Kasmer is a whiz at curating inventory — there truly is something for everyone at Polka Dot Parlor — getting new customers into the store was a challenge. During her first year in business, she relied solely on word-of-mouth to promote the store and wasn’t seeing as much foot traffic as she would’ve liked. As the recipient of a Small Business Revolution — Main Street makeover, Kasmer partnered with Deluxe to build a marketing strategy that would grow her customer base. One key element of that plan was her new email marketing program. In a few short months, she was able to build a contact list from scratch and is now connecting with more customers than ever — all while staying true to Polka Dot Parlor’s mission and voice. Here’s a look at her email marketing strategy in action. Launching an email marketing program Initially, Kasmer, like a lot of business owners, hadn’t embraced email marketing because she was afraid of spamming her customer base with messages they didn’t want. But the truth is that consumers want to hear from companies via email. According to recent research, 91 percent of Americans want to receive promotional emails. To kick off her email marketing program, Deluxe encouraged Kasmer to put a pen and notebook next to the cash register, so she could collect email addresses from her customers. Because all successful email strategies start with an email list, getting new subscribers was — and continues to be — a priority. Deluxe created a promotional calendar that integrated the store’s merchandising plan with Kasmer’s email schedule. During the winter months, for example, her window displays and featured inventory would be thematically linked to her email promotions by the holidays, the colder weather and so on: Since the Small Business Revolution revitalization, Kasmer has maintained the promotional calendar,…

Free holiday email examples to jump-start your campaigns

Need to jump-start your email marketing creativity? Inspire your own stand-out seasonal emails in minutes with our gorgeous and free holiday email examples. No need to stare at a blank screen, waiting for email inspiration to strike. Use these themed email examples as a starting point for all your end-of-year holiday campaigns: Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, Giving Tuesday, Hanukkah, Christmas and more. The examples are categorized by industry — from restaurants and retailers to nonprofits and service businesses — so it’s easy to find the ones that help you most. Download the examples to see how our imaginary businesses and organizations use email marketing to reach customers. You’ll find examples of emails that: Inform and educate Say thank you Send holiday wishes Get customers into the spirit to shop Promote a sale Show customers you appreciate them And much more Download the free email examples now! Spend less time reaching more customers Create, send and track professional emails in minutes — no design or coding experience required. GET STARTED >> The post Free holiday email examples to jump-start your campaigns appeared first on Deluxe Small Business Resource Center.

How to start a customer loyalty program

If there were a way to make your customers happier and help your business, wouldn’t you pursue it? Customer loyalty programs are one of those ways. If you don’t offer a customer loyalty program, it’s never too late to start one. Let’s talk about the benefits, opportunities and methods that can take your business and your customers’ loyalty to the next level:  The benefits of customer loyalty programs With so many companies offering similar products, a loyalty program is one way to stand out in the crowd of competitors and to keep customers after a sale. Loyalty programs give people a reason to come back, while also making them feel valued. When a customer registers for a loyalty program, their information is recorded into your company’s database (meaning that you’ll have access to customer data and trends). You’ll be able to see customer preferences and buying behavior, which is great for segmentation and targeting specific customers for certain promotions or sales. And you can use this data to create an even greater post-sale customer experience.  You can also look forward to improved communication thanks to your loyalty program. When there’s a new product, sale or promotion, loyalty program customers are easier to contact and more likely to read the information, which can lead to greater profits. You may also see a boost to your bottom line. With a loyalty program, people are more likely to visit your business to use their rewards, and more likely to spend on other products once they get in the door.  Beyond all of this, having a customer loyalty program allows you to reach a greater audience with your branding. Whether your loyalty program exists entirely online or incorporates tangible items like punch cards, be sure to include your branding. When audiences encounter your logo, colors, typefaces and tone of voice in your loyalty program, that will continue to reinforce the value of your brand.     Simple options to start a loyalty program Punch card: Businesses can offer punch cards that motivate customers to rack up purchases. They allow you to mark a customer’s card when they spend a certain…

7 Ways Inventors Can Market Themselves (and Their Products)

Inventing an ingenious product is only the first step to having it be recognized and appreciated. If you’ve invented a product but no one has access to it, how will you be able to create an impact? Getting comfortable with the art of marketing is a vital skill that all inventors must hone. Here are 7 tips to help you start marketing your products: 1. Know Your Customers One of the easiest traps to fall into when you start to market a new invention is assuming that your product is for everyone. While it may reach wider audiences as time goes on, your marketing power lies in starting with a smaller customer base. Think about the purpose of your invention. Who is the ideal customer? That is where you want to start. Begin by using marketing strategies that will target your base customer. Once you start building a following of loyal users, you will be able to expand your target range. But remember: your original customers give the best indication of your product’s value and impact. 2. Start Narrow Make your marketing plan specific. This ties in with knowing your customer base. Rather than trying to reach every person in a certain radius, identify specific characteristics like gender, age, occupation, interests, and send your product marketing their way. When you start narrow, you’re able to grow a certain client base which is more likely to be a consistent and solid foundation. With an established following, your product will gain more credibility. That way, when you decide to branch out, potential customers outside of your original target group will be more interested in learning about your product. 3. Iterate, Evolve and Listen to Your Superfans Be willing to go back to your product time and time again to see what can be improved. Your initial prototype may be the best possible version in your eyes, but once it hits the market, the people using it will offer you valuable insight into how you can enhance your product’s significance. This is where your superfans come in. You’ll know them when you see…

Facebook and Twitter Shares Plunge Confirming That Email Marketing, List Building and More Are So Important

Facebook and Twitter shares are down. Use email marketing, create a good blog and have an awesome website. Ramon Ray says build your customer and prospect lists. Don’t just use social media alone to do your marketing. Social media is awesome, I use it all the time, however, you must touch your customers everywhere they are and how they want to be touched – or communicated. If you rely only on social media, you’ll be hosted to the whims and algorithms and changes of that particular platform.

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