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My Declutter and Cleaning Plan as a Work at Home Mom Blogger

Since I started being a work at home mom, I had to learn how to fit my daily life as a mom and a mompreneur working on my blog and business. And when I first started, I did have an effective chore plan so that at least my house looked presentable while I worked during the day. But, that was when my twins were little. My twins are five and they can sure clutter up a house quickly! And during the summer my kids are home! And they bring into the house dirt, rocks, flowers, sticks and water EVERY.DAY. While I’m glad they are loving nature and having fun, it leaves a mess in my house daily since my kitchen is the go-between from the back door to the bathroom. My ultimate goal is to make the house appear clutter free and organized for when unexpected company visits – and I have a hack for this. But first, let’s go through my daily, weekly and monthly cleaning and organizing schedule. My Daily Organizing Schedule Once we moved into our new house, I had to find a time where I can do chores, feel accomplished and have time to work on my blog. The best time for me is the morning. Before I have my coffee – I know, chores without coffee!! – I tackle my morning chores. It takes me up to thirty minutes to organize, clean and declutter my home. Every day I: Vacuum – since my kitchen is the go-between to the outdoors, I run the vacuum to pick up dirt and crumbs from meals. I also do heavy traffic areas (like the hallway to the bathroom) Empty the dishwasher (and load the dishwasher after meals) Do one load of laundry – it may not be every day but I try. Wipe down counters – before bed there is usually cups and straws and empty bowls from snacking at night (ahem, my husband – not me) Clean kitchen sink – I use Comet to clean my sinks Wipe down bathrooms – I use these to quickly wipe the…

How to Open Up Your Blog for Guest Bloggers (+ Find Bloggers to Guest Post)

Did you know that you can open up your new blog for guest bloggers? Why would you want to have submissions as a blog strategy? And how do you open up your blog for guest writers? There are multiple ways to increase blog traffic and one way is to turn your blog into a contributor blog. This is a blog that has multi-authors and allows for a blog content calendar with fresh posts weekly, bi-weekly or daily. And the blog traffic you gain can come from the writers sharing your blog post on their blog – or better – linking to your blog on bigger sites. This is a great SEO strategy. For example, Freelancer FAQs is an older contributor blog I own. I have freelance writers guest post on this blog as a way to build their portfolio and credibility as as writer. I’ve had popular freelance writers contribute to FreelancerFAQs as well as brand new writers wanting to grow their business. This has lead to great backlinks from contributors – for example, contributor Sharon Hurley Hall linked to FreelancerFAQs in a Crazy Egg post about CRO. As a mom blogger there are several reasons why you would want to turn your blog into a guest blog. One big reason is if you give birth to a new baby. Most likely blogging won’t be on the front burner of your mind when giving birth Many mom bloggers take a break from blogging and know that if they do that – there are no new blog posts published – traffic suffers and followers stop following. Ouch! You don’t want that. So there are two ways you can go about that: Create blog posts before you take your break. But this means doubling your content and if you aren’t feeling it or don’t have the time, this may not be an option. Get guest bloggers to submit a guest post for your blog. But this strategy is a short-term way to open up your blog for guest writers. Once the mom is ready, she’ll continue blogging. Another reason mom bloggers may…

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