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3 Signs Your Book Cover Design Misses The Mark

You slave way, agonizing over every detail. Are his eyes green or blue? Definately green. No wait! He has blue eyes! Blue eyes! You’re finally ready to share your masterpiece with the entire world. Except the old saying is true: You only have one chance at a first impression. And sometimes, you won’t even get that because they don’t even see your cover. They just skim past it like it was invisible. Your ebook cover is your first chance to grab your reader’s attention. If they become rabid fans, they won’t care what your covers look like. Your fans will just care that you wrote it. Your loyal tribe are the ones that pre-order and tell their friends about the book that kept them up all night until the very satisfying end. But you’ll never win fans over if you can’t get them to read your stuff in the first place. That’s why it’s essential that your ebook’s cover design makes them stop in their tracks, read your description and then hit the BUY NOW button. Don’t spend countless hours on an amazing book only to package it in a cover that no one notices. 1. It’s exactly like the rest Scroll through Amazon’s Romance section and you’ll see a pattern. Hot guy without a shirt on, hot guy with killer abs and hot guy with a stethoscope. Nothing against hot guys as I’m a red-blooded gal like all the rest. Except the odds that I’d buy your book with a hot guy on the cover is exponentially lower because your book looks exactly the same as 75 percent of all the books in that section. Although they may be great books, none of them look particularly original. There’s nothing that makes me stop and say: “Wow, the hot guy on this cover is so much better than the rest. I should buy this one because his abs speak to me.” I don’t mean pick on romance novels. Every genre has something stereotypical that makes it seem generic. Take a look at the fitness and diet genres (they also love…

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