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Buying Software for Your Small Business? Read These 3 Tips Before Taking the Plunge

Do you find that your team projects and collaborations often feel like a game of Jenga, just one botched deadline or failed communication away from toppling over? Finding the proper tools to promote team productivity is an ongoing quest for countless small businesses – that’s why we’re here to set the stage for your success. For SMBs, organization is key. By a show of hands, how many people have an endless stream of tabs open in their browser window right now, packed like sardines? We rely on software for nearly every aspect of getting our work done, but all too often, these productivity tools can actually end up fragmenting our time. The future of work lies in streamlining our digital processes. By gathering as many programs, tools, and capabilities as possible in one place, we begin to eliminate the need for toggling between a dozen windows and programs at a time. In light of SignEasy’s recent collaboration with Microsoft Teams – which transforms the popular e-signature software into a fully-integrated app for Microsoft’s latest chat platform – we wanted to explore the many ways in which integrations mark a fundamental shift in the way SMBs are able to do business. Here are the top three things your small business should consider when shopping for company software, so you can join the productivity revolution with confidence. 1. The one-stop shop The quickest way to banish your growing collection of tabs is to have all the programs and functionalities you need under one roof. Add-on apps and extensions are quickly becoming a popular choice for businesses who want to use one central program or browser – one that they would be using on a daily basis already – as a hub for tons of other productivity tools. Take the nearly 50% of web surfers that use Google Chrome as an example. Thanks to Chrome extensions, people that favor this platform can turn their browser into a to-do list, a task manager, a productivity tracker, and much more, simply by installing a few integrated add-ons. Similarly, Microsoft Teams users can use the SignEasy…

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