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Instagram 101: How to Leverage This Platform as an Entrepreneur by @DrRKayGreen

by Dr. R. Kay Green | Featured Contributor If by chance you have not heard, Instagram is officially allowing people to schedule posts through third party apps. In the past, people could use apps to set up their posts in advance, but they still had to physically have their phones in their hands when they wanted the post to go live. This development is something that many people have been asking for. If you have been hesitant to join Instagram, there has never been a better time. Now that you do not have to physically be at your phone to post something, it is easier than ever to develop a strategy and implement it. And you will be reaching a wide audience — there are 500 million active users daily. So, where do you get started on Instagram? Have a Plan. Instagram seems deceptively simple at first. Many believe that all you have to do to be successful is to take a picture with your phone and upload it. But, of course, the reality is slightly more complicated than that. If you are considering starting an Instagram strategy, take some time to ask yourself some questions. What will you be posting? Will you focus more on quotes? Will you take pictures of your office? A mix of both? How will you relate these posts back to your brand? Your goal should be to have a cohesive feed. Think of what people will look at when they click on your profile: your description, your icon, and your first few posts. If everything flows together and is aesthetically pleasing from the outset, people will be more likely to follow. You should also have a plan for how often you will be posting. Posting consistently is how you build a dedicated following. Of course, scheduling apps make this simpler than ever! Format Your Posts Properly. Now that you have decided what you are going to post, it is important for you to know Instagram’s unique culture. What images get the most response, and when should you post them for maximum engagement? Here are…

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