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FileMaker – Powerful Database That’s Evolved For Today’s Growing Businesses

What seems like many years ago, a consultant at the United Nations, where I used to work, introduced me to FileMaker. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought FileMaker was an “old database” as that was my only recollection of FileMaker. However, over an hours discussion with  Andrew LeCates, Director of Platform Evangelism at FileMaker I was pleasantly surprised to learn that FileMaker is alive and well and in fact powering the database needs of many growing businesses. Sure, FileMaker is a great relationship database, able to connect simple tables of information to each other. But it does so much more. Its base of loyal customers (and new ones) are using FileMaker to take their data and connect it to IoT devices, other datasets via API calls and more. It’s companies like Tucci Lumber Company whose founder Pete Tucci needed a solution to track the sales of his baseball bat business. He worked with a developer to custom build a solution using FileMaker. “Today, every order entered into Tucci’s custom app is tracked using QR codes. From the moment a bat is lathed to when it’s painted and engraved, every bit of information is stored on a FileMaker Server and made available on the iPad. An employee using an iPad (one of five in the company) tracks each bat is it flows through the rest of the manufacturing process. Orders are never lost, and customers never wait on the phone while an order is tracked down.” Another example is Tasty Fresh Food. They started building a custom mobile app to help their drives get food to customers as FAST as possible. While building this custom app, they discovered FileMaker. Doug Newman, Tasty Fresh IT Manger, tinkered with FileMaker and over a weekend he was able to build his own mobile database connected to Google Maps. This saved them time and thousands of dollars in development costs. Business owners who leverage the power of databases in their business are able to compete FASTER, more EFFICIENTLY and serve their CUSTOMERS much better. If you’re using spreadsheets and static files you’re not…

MariaDB acquires Clustrix

MariaDB, the company behind the eponymous MySQL drop-in replacement database, today announced that it has acquired Clustrix, which itself is a MySQL drop-in replacement database, but with a focus on scalability. MariaDB will integrate Clustrix’s technology into its own database, which will allow it to offer its users a more scalable database service in the long run. That by itself would be an interesting development for the popular open source database company. But there’s another angle to this story, too. In addition to the acquisition, MariaDB also today announced that cloud computing company ServiceNow is investing in MariaDB, an investment that helped it get to today’s acquisition. ServiceNow doesn’t typically make investments, though it has made a few acquisitions. It is a very large MariaDB user, though, and it’s exactly the kind of customer that will benefit from the Clustrix acquisition. MariaDB CEO Michael Howard tells me that ServiceNow current supports about 80,000 instances of MariaDB. With this investment (which is actually an add-on to MariaDB’s 2017 Series C round), ServiceNow’s SVP of Development and Operations Pat Casey will join MariaDB’s board. Why would MariaDB acquire a company like Clustrix, though? When I asked Howard about the motivation, he noted that he’s now seeing more companies like ServiceNow that are looking at a more scalable way to run MariaDB. Howard noted that it would take years to build a new database engine from the ground up. “You can hire a lot of smart people individually, but not necessarily have that experience built into their profile,” he said. “So that was important and then to have a jumpstart in relation to this market opportunity — this mandate from our market. It typically takes about nine years, to get a brand new, thorough database technology off the ground. It’s not like a SaaS application where you can get a front-end going in about a year or so. Howard also stressed that the fact that the teams at Clustrix and MariaDB share the same vocabulary, given that they both work on similar problems and aim to be compatible with MySQL, made this a good…

Blockchain Is The New Hype Machine Small Businesses Should Ignore

Blockchain is the rage. It’s on the lips and lexicon of every tech pundit, journalist and tech executive. What is blockchain? You can read all about it yourself here but in short, it’s a database of databases, a record keeping system that is shared by all,  updated by all and secure. Here’s why it’s not relevant for your small business today. I was at an event recently, and the owner of a karate studio asked one of the expert panelists, how he could use blockchain in his business. The “expert” said, well if you had a community of karate enthusiasts, you could use blockchain for the community database. Something like this, the expert explained. WRONG. For a small businesses, such as this owner of a karate studio, he doesn’t need blockchain, all he needs is a simple database to keep track of members, hold discussions or etc. SQL or any number of other databases that have been around for years. Companies such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Zoho, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, SAP, Intuit and Microsoft make all the tools you need to run a great business. With all the other supporting services such as Asana, Monday, and others, you have a full suite of tools and services to help you manage a growing business. Indeed VERY big companies who want to enhance security, or sound cool, might consider blockchain – banks, Amazon, Walmart, GE and very BIG companies with massive datasets. But for the rest of us, we small business owners we don’t need to think twice about blockchain. Focus on making a great product. Focus on serving your customers. Focus on generating awareness for the problem you solve. Focus on better marketing and advertising. Focus on treating your employees/staff/team well. Focus on making a difference in other peoples lives. Blockchain is nice, it’s cute, it’s the new buzzword, but you don’t need to worry about it for your small business.

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