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How This Small Tech Powerhouse Uses Their CRM To Do More

Bernard Morgan owner of ICS+ writes custom building automation software and has some great tips to share on how Salesforce has positively impacted his small business. ICS+ is a company that that takes things like lighting, HVAC, and audio/video digital signage and combines it into one common interface—Bernard calls it a “universal remote for a building.” Think hotel ballrooms, hospitality spaces, and sports bars. ICS+ helps venues such as these combine disparate systems into one entity. Although Bernard and his business partner, and wife, started ICS+ in their spare bedroom 13 years ago, they have grown into a successful small business due in part to the integrative capabilities of Salesforce. Salesforce Can Do It All “The easy question is, ‘what don’t we do with Salesforce’ at this point,” said Bernard with a laugh. Because every project ICS+ does is completely custom, there is an enormous amount of information to bring that requires interfacing with a number of different people on the projects. “We’re talking to so many different systems, there are so many different points of the lead, on different things so being able to find out who’s doing what part of the project at any time [is important].” Bernard shared that Salesforce technology gives ICS+ the convenience of a consolidated view. Bernard uses Salesforce for more than sales. “Although we do it for the sales side, we actually use it for the service and as our project management system as well.” Project management is essential in running a service-based small business. Bernard shared some solid advice, “You can’t tell the customer, ‘I don’t know.’” By leveraging Salesforce as a project management system, Bernard is able to, “keep all the moving parts together on one platform so I could get one single point of truth to find out who’s on this project. Our entire project management system is on Salesforce.” Did you know Salesforce was so versatile? Using Salesforce as a project management system allows Bernard and ICS+ to have cases, servicing, and invoicing all on the same platform. The result is that all of the data comes in and…

Now Hiring for Work-From-Home Seasonal Tax Jobs: No Experience Required!

This post has been sponsored by Working Solutions. Tax season can be stressful, and is hardly what most people would call fun. So, if you had the opportunity to make it easier for other people—while working from home—wouldn’t you be interested? That’s just what Working Solutions has to offer right now. If you’ve got customer […] The post Now Hiring for Work-From-Home Seasonal Tax Jobs: No Experience Required! appeared first on The Work at Home Wife.

5 Ways to Boost Customer Retention

Small business entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into attracting new customers. But it’s equally, if not more important, to also have a clear plan in place for customer retention. After all, existing customers spend 31 percent more than new customers on average. They also end up being your best word-of-mouth marketers. At SpotOn, we work closely with entrepreneurs across the nation to implement effective marketing solutions. We are happy to share these five strategies to boost your customer retention and create lifelong regulars. 1. Use Social Media to Connect with Customers and Their Values 64 percent of customers say having shared values with a company is the number one factor in winning their loyalty. Combine that with the fact that consumers spend more time than ever on mobile devices and social media, and you have a simple recipe for connecting with them. First, identify what values go into the products or services you offer, things like quality, ease-of-use, individuality, sustainability, and enjoyability. Next, come up with creative, engaging campaigns to showcase those values on social media. Create short Behind-the-Scenes videos showcasing the passion you put into your business. Do a Fact-of-the-Day highlighting a fun detail about a product or service. Write a social media post about industry-trending topics and seasonal content, or simply wish everyone a good weekend. 2. Provide Top-Notch Customer Support In-Person and Online Customers want to know that you care about their experience, no matter where they interact with you. Many small businesses get this right when it comes to face-to-face interactions, but neglect to consider online environments, such as review sites and social media. With so many consumers online now, this is a sure way not only to lose a disgruntled customer but also any potential customers who see a damaging review. Train employees who interact with customers in-person or over the phone on proper customer service practices. Assign someone you trust to be in charge of responding to negative reviews and complaints online, and follow the best practices for responding to negative reviews. 3. Engage Your Customers to Encourage Loyalty Customer engagement takes customer…

Have You Met Freddy? Say Hello to a New AI Engine Set to Enrich Customer Service

Freshworks, who specializes in customer engagement software, has just released “Freddy”. “Freddy” is an Omnibot AI engine who is said to enhance sales, assist in marketing, and boost customer services for companies of all shapes and sizes. Freshworks first announced “Freddy”’s release at the Refresh 18 conference. Your customer services teams new bestie, Freddy, uses Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) to anticipate the answers to customer service issues based on “a mix of human and machine-based voice interactions.” According to Freshworks, “Freddy offers channel agnostic contextual self-service to customers. The Freddy AI engine also enables agent assist to help new agents onboard a team with relative ease by proactively and systematically troubleshooting customer queries.” Not Just a Chatbot According to founder and CEO, Mathrubootham,  Freddy significantly expands on the capabilities of chatbots. Afterall, modern-day customers are demanding better service. “Consumers demand better service in the communication channels they prefer, whether it’s modern messaging platforms, social media or even automated IoT applications. With Freddy the AI engine, possibilities become limitless and customer experience can be enriched at every touchpoint and across multiple channels.” How Freddy Seeks to Help Businesses Sales Salespeople who are currently taking advantage of Freshworks’ CRM will be able to will be able to auto-calibrate their available leads, making sales easier to conduct. Customer Service Freddie creates automatic replies to common queries in email, chat, voice-calls and even social media with context from the customer’s knowledge base. This way, easy questions can now be put on Freddy’s plate rather than on your support team. Customer Engagement If you’re a savvy customer, you’re usually pretty aware of when you’re chatting with a robot. But, with Freddy’s capabilities, the goal is for him to appear like he’s an actual support person. Customers want to feel heard and they want their concerns heard, Freddy is there to listen. With Easy Implementation Unlike traditional enterprise AI platforms, Freddy seeks to be less intimidating to implement. “Freddy removes that complexity and frustration by delivering timely customer information for representatives and instantly answering questions anytime or anywhere customers need support.” The post Have You Met…

Work at Home: Chanel Seasonal Customer Service Jobs

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms VIPDesk and Chanel are seeking seasonal work at home customer service agents in the following U.S. states: AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, NC, NJ, NM, NV, OH, TN, TX, UT, VA, and WI. As a work at home Chanel Elite Brand Ambassador, you will be responsible for providing excellent customer support to Chanel customers via phone, […] The post Work at Home: Chanel Seasonal Customer Service Jobs appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories Oildex Home-Based Owner Relations Customer Service Jobs Work at Home Customer Support Jobs with Gadget Guard Home-Based Email and Phone Customer Service Jobs with Babylist  

SMB Essentials- “A New Best Friend for Small Business”

Ramon Ray, editor, spoke with Meredith Schmidt, EVP & GM Salesforce Essentials and Small Business Solutions (SMB) at Salesforce. They discussed SMB Essentials and why its a powerful CRM solution specially designed for business. Why is SMB Important to Salesforce? While you may have thought Salesforce was only for big enterprises, the company’s leadership is also highly committed to helping small businesses make their dreams come true. Did you know Salesforce started as a small business? If that wasn’t enough of a reason, small businesses were their first customers. Salesforce has over 150,000 companies who started out with Salesforce as small businesses. Meredith shared that small businesses and SMBs are, “the heart and soul of Salesforce” and after hearing her conversation with Ramon, we couldn’t agree more. So, What is SMB Essentials? Here is what you need to know about SMB Essentials and how it can work for your small business: 1. Meredith calls SMB Essentials “a new best friend for small business.” SMB Essentials is designed and built with small businesses in mind. No matter the size of your operation, whether you have 200 people, 50 people, or 2 people, this product is perfect for your small business. Furthermore, they designed it specifically for small businesses, but you still get the beauty of the platform and the benefits of being part of Salesforce. 2. Get Access to Salesforce AI. One of the benefits of being part of such a large company like Salesforce is having access to their AI. “It doesn’t matter if you are one user, you get AI at your fingertips,” Meredith continues, “It is powerful stuff.” 3. It’s Easy to Use Essentials takes everything Salesforce has to offer and makes it easy for small businesses. Meredith said it herself, “we built it so it’s easy.” 4. We used it! We tried it out and it is so easy! Set up is incredibly simple. With just a click of a button, it’s out of the box and ready to use! Essentials connects to your Gmail or Outlook account and that’s it, it’s done. It’s reading your…

Oildex Home-Based Owner Relations Customer Service Jobs

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms Oildex by Drillinginfo is hiring home-based owner relations roll over call center agents in the U.S. All training and equipment is provided for these work at home positions. In this home-based role, you will be performing owner and vendor relation duties. From the company: “We are seeking candidates to join our call center services team, […] The post Oildex Home-Based Owner Relations Customer Service Jobs appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories Work at Home Customer Support Jobs with Gadget Guard Home-Based Email and Phone Customer Service Jobs with Babylist Seasonal Work at Home Customer Service Jobs with Collage  

How AI Can Make Your Customer Service System Seamless and Faster

Artificial Intelligence has captured the attention of the customer service industry for some time now. Sure, in the earlier days, the industry was pretty much skeptical about the ramifications that… Read more » The post How AI Can Make Your Customer Service System Seamless and Faster appeared first on

CRM Systems: A 10-Point Guide

CRM, or Customer Service Management System, is a necessary part of any business that needs to better understand its customers. Good CRM systems are designed to track interactions with customers so businesses in an organized space. Without an official CRM system, businesses often keep no record of interactions with customers or if they do, those interactions are no organized in one location. This creates problems with follow-up activities, leads and prospects, and staff turnover. There are several different types and features can be included in a CRM. How do you know which is the best one to use? Take a look at our 10-point guide before you invest in a CRM that doesn’t work for your needs. 1. Types of CRM Systems There are three different types of CRM systems that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. A single entrepreneur can get by with a basic desktop version on one computer. Small businesses with more several employees often rely on a self-hosted CRM on a server. Larger businesses tend to use CRM systems that are hosted on the cloud and can be accessed anywhere via WiFi because a third party provides it. 2. What does a CRM do? The question should be what doesn’t a CRM do. The real goal of a CRM system is to manage customer contacts – everything from basic details like phone numbers and email addresses to details about conversations. With this information, users can track activities and goals to build sales. The CRM also helps employees take a customer from the lead stage to the conversion stage – even if more than one employee is involved. 3. Do CRM systems integrate with other applications and systems? Yes. They can be synced with email programs and calendar applications.  Some CRM systems actually have messaging functions built right in, so they do not need to be synced. Larger companies benefit from complex CRM systems that allow employees to interact within them. 4. Can CRM systems customize data for individual employees? Yes. All three types of CRM systems have dashboards that can be customized based on…

Work at Home: Williams-Sonoma Hiring in 8 States!

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms Williams-Sonoma is hiring work at home customer service in the following U.S. states: Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma! These are seasonal full-time home-based customer support positions. Pay for these work at home positions is $12.00 per hour, with the opportunity for overtime. Hours are 30 to 50 per week. From […] The post Work at Home: Williams-Sonoma Hiring in 8 States! appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories Work at Home Customer Support Jobs with Gadget Guard Home-Based Email and Phone Customer Service Jobs with Babylist Seasonal Work at Home Customer Service Jobs with Collage  

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