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10 Ways to Drive Holiday Sales on Pinterest

Stand out from the competition and reach holiday shoppers that are already looking for brands like yours. We’re still at least two months away from peak holiday season—when retailers start blasting their holiday playlists and offering their steepest deals of the year. But on Pinterest, holiday shopping has already begun! That’s right: Christmas-related searches and saves on Pinterest start ticking upward as early as September (two times earlier than when shoppers tend to begin exploring products on other platforms). So, why does this happen? Because shoppers use Pinterest to help them decide what to buy (finding the perfect holiday gift or tracking down the ingredients for a festive recipe). And here’s the best news: Most of the inspirational ideas that people find on Pinterest actually come from brands—87% of people on Pinterest say brands help them find the right products when planning for the holidays. So, what’re you waiting for? Here are 10 easy wins to help you reach more holiday shoppers on Pinterest this season. 1. Meet holiday shoppers where they’re at We’ve identified four main types of holiday shoppers on Pinterest: The time-saver, the gifter, the guest and the planner. Check out our holiday shopper insights to learn who they are, what they care about and how your brand can reach them with tips on relevant messaging and creative. 2. Tune into what your customers really want this holiday season Log in to our Audience Insights tool (you’ll need to have a business profile) to find out what they’re searching and saving. You’ll also be able to find data on your audience’s age, gender, location and device use to help you decide what products to feature in your ads. 3. Like gift shopping, it’s best to start earlier than you think Since holiday shoppers primarily use Pinterest to discover new ideas, it’s important to launch your holiday campaigns on Pinterest earlier than you might on other platforms. If you can reach people as they start making that list and checking it twice—before they’ve decided on a brand or product—you’re more likely to pop back into their mind when they’re ready to make a purchase. As a general…

Apple Is a Success Here’s What You Can Learn from It

Bigger can be better when a company is able to provide a quality product coupled with an aura of uniqueness. Apple has been able to handle this balancing act on its tremendous run up to become the most valuable company (in market capitalization) on the planet.  What are some lessons that small businesses can learn from Apple?  Let’s revisit how Apple, in its second run, became such a commercial juggernaut. Apple’s brand is synonymous with innovation, uniqueness, and quality. This is important because Apple products are never the cheapest, yet the customer is still willing to pay extra for the Apple experience. Small businesses, in general, cannot compete on price. The customer experience matters! Apple has created a loyal community of advocate and influencers that get access to pre-release products to evaluate and to provide candid critique. Small businesses, whether you are a restaurant or a service business should consider fostering such a community of customers and influencers to share their story with others.  The advent of social media and blogs provide an inexpensive way to advertise a small business brand. Small businesses are known for their unique products and personalized service.  The niche that is served is desirable for the “creative class” among us.  The fine line, however, between Bold vs. Overdone is extremely difficult to know.   This is very important because small business sustainable revenues are tied by choosing the right product that brings satisfaction to a good segment of its customer community.  Apple understands their customer segment very well and has built their products to serve the needs of teens and young adults. The loyalty to a brand is key for repeat customers.  Apple has built an ecosystem that allows for seamless integration of their products and services. The “switching cost” in time and complexity, for many, can be high.   Small businesses are able to use relatively low-cost and available technologies to give each customer their own individual account.  By learning more about the wants and needs of their customer base, a profile can be developed.  Each time the client interacts with the small business, they should…

Wi-Fi: the key to getting customers back on the high street

Modern technology and changing consumer behaviour is heralding a new era for the shopping experience. With reports of declining high street sales and well-known brands closing stores, retailers are naturally concerned about the future of in-store shopping. E-commerce is creating more competition and it is clear that retailers must evolve in order to retain and The post Wi-Fi: the key to getting customers back on the high street appeared first on Small Business.

How Data Analytics Can Improve the Omni-Channel Customer Experience

The ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences is a top way to drive revenue in the retail industry, and companies who’ve worked hard to develop and implement strong customer service… Read more » The post How Data Analytics Can Improve the Omni-Channel Customer Experience appeared first on

The Role of AI in Customer Experience

Trends in the customer service space are showing that by the year 2020, the use of chatbots, a form of artificial intelligence, will skyrocket by 1000%. While 86% of consumers want to enhance the experience by keeping a person as an option and 88% of consumers think that live agents should just be more specialized […] The post The Role of AI in Customer Experience appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Convenience is in the Eye of the Beholder

I have a message for you from your customers. This is something they want you to know: “I don’t really care how you would like me to communicate with you. I want you to offer me the choice so we can communicate according to my needs. Don’t make me call you. Don’t make me visit […] The post Convenience is in the Eye of the Beholder appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Why your business needs chatbots to improve customer experience

Chatbots are everywhere. A recent Oracle survey reported that around 80 per cent of businesses will be using them by 2020. By this time, Gartner predicts that 85 per cent of customer interactions will be handled by a machine and Bill Meisel of TMA Associates has projected that chatbots will generate over $600 billion in The post Why your business needs chatbots to improve customer experience appeared first on Small Business.

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