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The Value of Entrepreneurship: Former Firefighter Shares Why He Became an Entrepreneur

At the Facebook community event, Ramon had the pleasure of catching up with Chevalo Wilson De Briano, owner of Charleston Gourmet Burgers. At the event, the discussed the value of entrepreneurship and how Chevalo’s former career shifted from saving lives to serving others in a completely new and different way. Introducing Chevalo Wilson De Briano Chevalo is the owner of Charleston Gourmet Burgers. He was a first responder to 9/11 and continued to be a firefighter for many years after 2011 serving New York City. Chevalo served the community and truly enjoyed doing so. “I loved it, I saved lives. I was a paramedic, I loved it,” Chevalo praised his time with the New York Fire Department. Chevalo saved lives and lived a fulfilling, purpose-driven life, yet he wished he had become an entrepreneur sooner. Sure, there was the thrill of adrenaline running into danger to help others, but there was something missing. There was also the promise of a paycheck at the end of every pay period along with a comfortable pension that allowed Chevalo to relax and know that he had what he needed for him and his family to survive. After a certain point, Chevalo knew it was time to go after his dreams. An Entrepreneurial Mindset In becoming an entrepreneur, you are opening your world up to a vast new set of possibilities. You are realizing that there are options out there for business that you never thought of before, and you are opening yourself up to those options and the potential for growth in your brand. Chevalo says, “When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to reinvent yourself every single day. You have to come up with new ideas.”   This is the type of creativity that Chevalo says he was longing for and missing in his previous career as a firefighter. He says in entrepreneurship, you use parts of your brain that you never had to use before. The daily hustle to build business and to grow as an entrepreneur is what gets Chevalo going. “If I would have known about being how exciting being…

Automation and Creativity: The Duelling Cornerstones of Successful Business

Loads of SME’s that are not tech friendly are naturally apprehensive about automation preferring to do business the old-fashioned way. Successful business practice doesn’t always include profit margins, it also… Read more » The post Automation and Creativity: The Duelling Cornerstones of Successful Business appeared first on

How to use technology and space to spark employee creativity

Fostering creativity in the workplace can be challenging, but it’s doable. Business leaders are starting to realise the importance of offering employees the skills and tools they need to thrive in this new world of work– otherwise, they run the risk of high staff turnover and an unproductive, unhappy workplace. There are many ways for The post How to use technology and space to spark employee creativity appeared first on Small Business.

How to Tap Into Your Creativity (When It Feels Like You Don’t Have Any)

No matter how creative you are, there are days when it feels as though the right side of your brain has switched itself off. This can feel frustrating, but especially so when your work requires you to have an innovative, forward-thinking mind—how can you embody that ideal without creativity on your side? Fortunately, there are […] The post How to Tap Into Your Creativity (When It Feels Like You Don’t Have Any) appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

How to Maintain Creativity as a Small Business

Guest Article How to be creative and stay competitive is a universal problem for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Everyone needs help wrangling the creative process. At Modernist Studio, we work with large companies, but we enjoy working smaller and medium sized businesses, who have fewer resources to help them strategically integrate creativity into their companies. Somewhat ironically, these smaller companies can benefit more from a creative approach to their product and service development, because it will help them differentiate themselves, drive new innovations, and better compete with larger and more established companies. Here are some of the ways we help small businesses harness the power of creativity without getting steeped in the chaos of innovation. Bring it in-house. As much as my company likes working with small companies – and as much as we like getting paid! – it’s a huge benefit for small businesses to have a generalist designer inside their doors. Ideally, this is someone who can work tactically on projects through their craft, and can also think strategically about the business. But it’s easy to pigeonhole this person as a production artist, giving them menial activities like creating letterhead or PowerPoint presentations. As you bring in your first creative hire, make sure they are at a decision-making level and have some authority over the way the business works, and that they aren’t just an assembly line of trivial creative artifacts. Let them do their job. Everyone has, and is welcome to, their opinion about creative work. It is valuable to offer criticism and suggestions about ways work can be improved. But I’ve notice that in small businesses those suggestions become mandates. Employees, particularly founders, have a strong sense of ownership in the company, and it’s reasonable that they want to explicitly direct the way their company’s products and services appear to the world. But this heavy-handedness can break a creative team, because they start to feel that their intellect isn’t valued – that they are just a set of hired hands. This isn’t art and they should be held to the same collaborative standards as…

It Takes a Balance of Creativity, Communication, and Technology to Make a Good Website

You’ve probably heard someone suggest that it’s important to have balance in your life, whatever your activity, your passion, or your business. This applies to holding on to the proven methods of the past and combining these with what will work in the near future. Balance is certainly essential when you’re in the process of […] The post It Takes a Balance of Creativity, Communication, and Technology to Make a Good Website appeared first on SmallBizClub.

5 Expert Tips for Trademarking Your Startup

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” – Steve Jobs A startup could be considered a simple belief—a belief that you have a new product or service that is going to revolutionize the market you’re entering. However, look in the dictionary and it’ll tell you that a startup is simply a “newly […] The post 5 Expert Tips for Trademarking Your Startup appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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