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How to Maintain Creativity as a Small Business

Guest Article How to be creative and stay competitive is a universal problem for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Everyone needs help wrangling the creative process. At Modernist Studio, we work with large companies, but we enjoy working smaller and medium sized businesses, who have fewer resources to help them strategically integrate creativity into their companies. Somewhat ironically, these smaller companies can benefit more from a creative approach to their product and service development, because it will help them differentiate themselves, drive new innovations, and better compete with larger and more established companies. Here are some of the ways we help small businesses harness the power of creativity without getting steeped in the chaos of innovation. Bring it in-house. As much as my company likes working with small companies – and as much as we like getting paid! – it’s a huge benefit for small businesses to have a generalist designer inside their doors. Ideally, this is someone who can work tactically on projects through their craft, and can also think strategically about the business. But it’s easy to pigeonhole this person as a production artist, giving them menial activities like creating letterhead or PowerPoint presentations. As you bring in your first creative hire, make sure they are at a decision-making level and have some authority over the way the business works, and that they aren’t just an assembly line of trivial creative artifacts. Let them do their job. Everyone has, and is welcome to, their opinion about creative work. It is valuable to offer criticism and suggestions about ways work can be improved. But I’ve notice that in small businesses those suggestions become mandates. Employees, particularly founders, have a strong sense of ownership in the company, and it’s reasonable that they want to explicitly direct the way their company’s products and services appear to the world. But this heavy-handedness can break a creative team, because they start to feel that their intellect isn’t valued – that they are just a set of hired hands. This isn’t art and they should be held to the same collaborative standards as…

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