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How to create lead magnets for your small business

Guest Article Leads magnets are undeniably one of the most efficient and gainful ways to collect contact information from your website. By offering something valuable to potential customers in exchange for their email address or cell phone number, you create a mutually beneficial scenario – making internet users more likely to trust you with their contact information. Unfortunately, however, it requires a significant amount of trial and error, to lock down a lead magnet that works. The best lead magnets focus on what their target market wants, what motivates them, and approaches them in a way that seems genuine and good-natured. Here are five top lead magnets formats and tips for making them work. THE CHEAT SHEET Inside information on how to perform better and tips for making things easier are always valuable. This is particularly so in today’s society, where people are constantly pressured to keep up with rising demands of business to generate better results faster.  The key to a compelling cheat sheet is to keep your content short, concise, and jam-packed with little known facts that have practical, real-life benefits. For example: If you own a golf equipment store, a cheat sheet entitled “How to Pick the Best Golf Irons For Your Unique Needs” would be relevant and appealing to golf enthusiasts. How to make it work: Touch on your ideal customer pain points when pitching your cheat sheet to them as an offer. Be sure to keep the following questions in mind when writing your landing page content: What are the most common reasons why a potential customer would want to read this cheat sheet? How can I make the information as easy-to-understand as possible? What problems will my cheat sheet resolve for the reader? Why should my target customer act on this offer as quickly as possible? What can I say within my introductory content to make this cheat sheet enticing to my readers? THE FREE TRIAL If you are in the software industry, offering a free trial is always an impressive lead magnet. After all, everyone loves getting something for free! Even if it…

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