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How Sizzle, Pop, and Color Draws Attention to Your Brand

In today’s world, with technology of all sorts at our fingertips, along with a plethora of programs and resources, it should be no surprise that the use of color in business documents is growing. What may be surprising is that the use of color has been shown to increase the success of a business when used appropriately in documents, on websites, or even through basic branding. Monochromatic businesses are a thing of the past. Adding the vibrancy of color to your business can boost your success several times over. Even when I dress, you’ll see hints of orange, green, purple and more peeking out from my socks, ties, and shirts! In honor of National Color Day, Oct 22, here are a few things you should know. Today is #NationalColorDay and @RamonRay has some great tips on how to use color to boost your business Source: 20 Ways to Share Color Knowledge – Fact #2 Color Grabs Attention It should go without saying that color will stand out amongst a sea of black and white. Anything that is highlighted in color will grab the attention of the viewer over the rest of the print. Keep this in mind as you build your websites, forms, and brand. Using bright colors will draw the eye to your business. The use of color is also known to keep a certain level of positivity in the viewer’s mind. This will be useful in ensuring your business is leaves a positive impression with potential clients. Color Emphasizes Area Source: 20 Ways to Share Color Knowledge – Fact #1 Using color in your branding can allow you to place emphasis on the most pertinent information you want to be absorbed by your viewers. If you are information heavy in a blog, invoice, or website, keeping the take-home points highlighted in a color different from the rest of the text will ensure that these points are recognized by the viewer. The more a specific area stands out to a viewer, the greater the chance that they will remember that information. If this information is memorable, there is a…

What Is Your Brand’s Visual Identity and Why Does It Matter?

What is a brand’s visual identity? Thinking about your business brand as a person can help you get a grip on its visual identity. If your business brand were a person, your visual identity would be its personal style. For instance, consider the following three very different visual identities: A buttoned-up banker in a custom-tailored suit, with every hair in place and an expensive briefcase A bearded hipster with a passion for craft beer, a nose ring and a full sleeve of tattoos A man with average-length mousy brown hair, khaki pants and a polo shirt As you can see from the three examples above, every brand has a visual identify—it’s just that some make a stronger impression and are more memorable than others. Key elements of your brand’s visual identity What makes up a brand’s visual identity? Here are some of the key elements: Color: From bright, vibrant colors to tasteful neutrals or high-end metallics, color says a lot about your brand. Between 62%-90% of a person’s assessment of a product is based on color alone, according to one study. Xerox Metallic Dry Inks add sparkle to your print marketing materials more affordably than using metallic paper or foil stamping. (Learn more about the various emotions that different colors can evoke in your customers and how to choose the right colors for your marketing materials.) Add a new dimension to the page, and to your print business with specialty dry ink. Fonts/typography: The style of fonts you use helps to convey your business brand. A reliable provider of business services might use a traditional serif font to convey stability; a craft brewery might choose a rugged font to convey its handmade character; a beauty brand might choose a delicate, feminine handwritten font. Logo: Your business logo should work in tandem with your business name. A logo can be based on a recognizable image (like a car or a hamburger), an abstract shape (like a triangle or spiral) or text-based (such as putting your business name in a circle). Use the logo consistently throughout your marketing materials and hopefully, it…

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