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Flexible Home-Based Business Ideas for Women

Many years ago, when I started brainstorming home-based business ideas, many occupations came to mind, event planner, professional organizer, doula, and personal concierge. But when I asked myself, “How do I envision my daily life?” it didn’t include running all around town, being on call, working holidays, nights or weekends. When I sat down and […] The post Flexible Home-Based Business Ideas for Women appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

How to Beat the Odds As a Small Business

Guest Article It’s lonely at the top. Especially if you are a small business. There are nearly 30 million small businesses in the United States, but only about 5 million of them look like miniature large businesses. The vast majorities are businesses with 1-5 people. Getting large is not the prime directive, surviving and prospering are. There used to be a hard distinction between “opportunity entrepreneurs”, those who raise capital to pursue a vision and change the world, and “necessity entrepreneurs”, those who can’t otherwise find employment who create lifestyle businesses to support their families. Today there is a dynamic third category, the “aspirational entrepreneurs”, those people who want to own, not rent their future, and who are willing to sacrifice in order to control their own destinies. Never mind that most small businesses fail, aspirational entrepreneurs are motivated to beat the odds. And while rocket ship tech ventures steal the headlines, its small businesses that create jobs. The Silicon Valley style ventures use technology to provide leverage for their businesses, often destroying more jobs than they create. But true small businesses hire locally, support their community and contribute where it matters most, at home. So how do you beat the odds? You buy every book that can give you a leg up. You attend seminars. You listen to podcasts and read blogs. You join local industry groups. You work long days and weekends, without vacations, sacrificing precious time with friends and family. But there is more you can do. You can accelerate your learning by hiring a coach. The terms “advisor”, “coach” and “mentor” are bandied around a lot these days. But it is important to understand the difference. An advisor is someone with specific experience and expertise that can help with your business. They may have run a bakery and can help with yours, or managed a day care center and can share their hard earned lessons with you. Advisors educate you and make you a smarter businessperson. A coach is someone who has the ability to help you address particular business challenges you face in running your…

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