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4 Business Intelligence Trends for 2018

Nowadays, big data is more important to businesses than ever. The main reason? Big data can provide invaluable insight to help businesses make data-driven decisions that lead to big growth. What’s more, companies both large and small can effectively leverage big data in order to become more successful. That’s why many companies are eager to implement business intelligence (BI) solutions to effectively make sense of data gathered. BI continues to evolve with every new trend and technological innovation. And there’s no sign of it standing still anytime soon. Check out the top four BI trends for 2018: Applying AI to BI Modern technology is focused on the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI). While tech experts continue experimenting with AI, many businesses have found a way to leverage this technology and power up their BI solutions. One reason businesses have started adopting AI adoption is its machine-learning capabilities. Simply put, businesses are able to gather and analyze data much more efficiently with the help of AI. Using AI in BI solutions might just revolutionize the customer experience in the near future. In addition, automated tasks and data flow in real-time will allow business to make more precise decisions, while improving their overall potential. AI is still in its relatively early stages of development, which means that AI algorithms are optimized for specific and narrow tasks. Even so, businesses can leverage AI’s potential—such as machine learning and natural language processing—to drive specific business goals. Breaking Down Silos Initial applications of BI solutions were typically handled by IT experts and data scientists to generate detailed reports using data gathered on monthly basis. Even when BI moved to web solutions and reports became more frequent, there was still an issue of data being placed in a silo. That is, information was sequestered and not widely distributed within companies. Today, data governance and self-service are an essential aspect of a modern BI workflow. With enough flexibility, a BI solution can be used by any member of the company, regardless of his or her background or technological savvy. Simply put, with the right workflow and tools in place, everyone ranging from data scientists to warehouse workers can leverage data to…

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