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A great opportunity with a leading luxury retailer is available on the Arise Platform.  This program is perfect for those who possess customer service experience and love providing high-end support to customers with discerning tastes. This opportunity is only available to call centers with agents living in AZ, CO, FL, GA, HI, IL, LA, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NV, PA, TX, VA, WA, and the District of Columbia. For over a century, the leading luxury retailer has focused on serving the unique needs of the luxury market. Today, that commitment is stronger than ever. This retailer has stayed true to the principles of its founders – to be recognized as the premier luxury retailer dedicated to providing customers with distinctive merchandise and superior service. Servicing the Leading Luxury Retailer opportunity includes: Responding to customer inquiries related to online catalog ordering Assisting customers with order-related issues to resolve issues and ensure orders are successfully submitted Responding to customer inquiries related to item sizing, color, material, dimensions, warranties, and shipping Benefits of running your own virtual call center business using the Arise Platform: Be your own boss, and work from home Schedule your work around your life, not the other way around Earn extra money for vacations or escape the 9-to-5 Are you registered with a call center company using the Arise Platform? Visit the Portal today to get all the details about this opportunity. Not registered? Start the process today – the Arise Platform empowers you to be your own boss, choose your own clients, schedule your own hours, and achieve your goals! It provides a means of controlling your own destiny, and a first step to seeing how far you can go on your own by de-risking the proposition of starting your own call center business! REGISTER NOW The post SHOP FOR A CUSTOMER SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY WITH A LEADING LUXURY RETAILER appeared first on Arise Work From Home.


If You’ve Been Waiting for the Global Media and Entertainment Company opportunity – NOW’S THE TIME! A great opportunity, with one of the world’s leading providers of family travel and leisure experiences, giving millions of guests each year the chance to spend time with their families and friends, making memories that last a lifetime, is currently available! Why do call center companies using the Arise Platform LOVE this program? Why I love providing customer support for the Global Media and Entertainment Company opportunity… “I love providing customer support for this opportunity because being my own boss, I get the flexibility to balance my schedule to the needs of my life and the work that needs to be completed.  It is great to be given an opportunity that I can work alone and know that what I am doing creates a wonderful experience for each person I assist.  When you can wake up in the morning looking forward to work you know that what you are doing is something truly meaningful and benefiting.  The work is always interesting, challenging, and rewarding.  It is not a job to me it is a thoroughly a wonderful experience every day and I love every moment of it”– Dbl Clik LLC Does The Shoe Fit?  This opportunity fits within YOUR schedule – with intervals available between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM EST 365 days a year! Wondering what to expect? Providing high-level customer service to existing and new customers Matching their wishes and desires with relevant products and services Documenting all issues, resolution and follow up actions Speaking with happy customers Creating magical vacation planning experiences Helping bring innovation to light Being a memory maker Are you registered with a call center company using the Arise Platform?  Visit the portal today to get all the details about this opportunity. Not registered?  Start the process today – the Arise Platform empowers you to be your own boss, schedule your own hours, and achieve your goals! It provides a means of controlling your own destiny, and a first step to seeing how far you can go on your…


Inbound Sales and Customer Service Opportunity with a Leading Home Improvement Supplier Provide customer service from home for the nation’s leading home improvement retailer through the Arise® Platform!  If you love fixing up your home, and helping others do it themselves, then this is a great opportunity to put your do-it-yourself abilities to work and start your own homebased virtual customer support business!  Just like most home improvement projects, it’s easier than you think! The world’s largest home improvement retailer is a great opportunity for DIYers. Taking inbound sales or fielding customer service calls puts you in touch with like-minded DIY customers, professional contractors, and the industry’s largest installation business for the Do-It-For-Me customers. What to Expect from this Opportunity with a Leading Home Improvement Supplier Assisting customers with product questions Placing new orders Handling existing orders: returns/ replacements Provide store specific support Contacting vendors for shipping information The Arise® Platform puts you in charge of your schedule, your hours, and yourself! As your own boss, you can work from home, avoid the commute and hire others to work for your company. This happens all through your very own home based call center. Benefits of running your own virtual call center business using the Arise Platform Be your own boss, and work from home Schedule your work around your life, not the other way around Earn extra money for vacations or escape the 9-to-5 Are you registered with a call center company using the Arise Platform? Visit the portal  today to get all the details about this opportunity. Not registered? Start the process today – the Arise® Platform empowers you to be your own boss, schedule your own hours, and achieve your goals! It provides a means of controlling your own destiny, and a first step to seeing how far you can go on your own by de-risking the proposition of starting your own call center business! Find out more about starting the process of transforming your life for the better. Ready to get started?  Register today!   REGISTER NOW The post CALLING ALL HOME IMPROVEMENT ENTHUSIASTS! appeared first on…


The Arise Platform currently has hundreds of service opportunities supporting the leading provider of heating, cooling, and water heater solutions to Canadian homeowners! This opportunity is available to call centers and their agents in Canada. This inbound customer support only, year-round, client program is offering more opportunities than ever before! The sales component of the program means lots of great revenue incentives!  Canadian winters are COLD and the summers are HOT – so after a long cold winter, it’s suddenly sweltering and across the country air conditioning units go from forgotten to overused in a matter of days. That puts a lot of stress and strain on air conditioning equipment, and as a result the repair calls come rolling in like clockwork. As a result, Canada’s leading home heating and cooling provider is getting ready for the influx of summer calls – and now’s the time to get in on it through the Arise Platform. This program is unique because in addition to the satisfaction of helping people resolve their issues by scheduling an appointment for them to fix their home cooling system – companies with great sales agents also have an opportunity to take advantage of several revenue incentives for upselling. Benefits of this opportunity: Be your own boss, and work from home Schedule your work around your life, not the other way around Extra money or escape the 9-to-5 What does it take to be successful? Excellent sales and customer service skills. Excellent verbal communication and phone etiquette skills (clear, crisp speech). Excellent judgment and decision-making skills. Sales skills are a plus as there are tons of opportunities to excel! Login to the portal for more information, and if you haven’t registered yet – get started now! REGISTER NOW The post INBOUND CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY FOR CANADIAN CALL CENTERS! appeared first on Arise Work From Home. Powered by WPeMatico

Innovators podcast @ Stanford

A fun interview at Stanford about some old things and new ones. Founders 2:15: Founders and dysfunctional families 3:55: Operating in chaos 7:18: Mentorship is a two-way street 11:50: Founders are artists 14:03: Failure=experience 17:27: Rules for raising a family if you’re a founder Startups 19:25: Startups are not smaller versions of large companies 22:03: How I-Corps and H4X were born 26:25: Your idea is not a company 31:19: Why the old way of building startups no longer works 32:53: Origin of the Lean Startup 34:24 Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything in the Harvard Business Review 35:28: How innovation happens Company/Government Innovation 41:37: Innovation is different in companies and gov’t agencies 42:35 The Innovation Pipeline 43:30  Deliverable products and services not activities 44:25  GE & Procter and Gamble and Lean 46:44: Startups disrupting things by breaking the law Government Innovation 51:12: Fighting continuous disruption with continuous innovation 52:08: How governments innovate 53:58: The U.S. government goes Lean 56:00: Customer Development versus Design Thinking 57:54: Innovation from the battlefield to the boardroom Powered by WPeMatico

10 Investor Approaches To Avoid When You Need Funding

Many new entrepreneurs are so excited by their latest idea that they can’t resist contacting every investor they know, assuming the investor will be equally excited and want to contribute immediately. Others will work hard on a business plan, and then mail it indiscriminately to every potential investor they can find on the Internet. Both of these approaches are a waste of your time and theirs. The best professional investors receive dozens of proposals a day, so they are conditioned to look for quantitative data, rather than passion, for credibility and potential. They also look for entrepreneurs they know from past experience and warm introductions, or for evidence that you have previously built a successful startup, and sold your last one for maybe $800 million. If you are not in that rare category of known and proven entrepreneurs, you should avoid the following list of my top ten turnoffs that I have personally experienced as an angel investor. These will put your proposal in the circular file, and even future good opportunities from you may go to the bottom of my list: “Give me a call to hear about an opportunity that can’t fail.” Teasing or spamming an investor is not the way to his pocketbook. Also suggesting that they check out your website or video and tell you what they think will not likely peak their curiosity. Every pitch should start with a concise statement of the problem and your innovative solution. “Attached is a copy of my full business plan for your review.” Too much detail at first contact is just as much of a turnoff as no information. The first page of the business plan better be an executive summary which gives the investor a taste of the financials, as well as opportunity, competition, and key executives. “I don’t have a business plan, but the technology is disruptive.” Investors are buying part of the business, not the product or service. They only want a quick overview of the product, not detailed features and patent secrets. If you haven’t yet finalized the business model, cost projections, and customer…

6 Mindset Elements Required For Disruptive Startups

One of the business ironies that many entrepreneurs have learned the hard way in the past is that ideas which are truly disruptive carry the highest risk of failure, take the longest to gain traction, and thus are the least likely to get external funding. So some entrepreneurs stick with incremental solutions, avoiding more transformational or adaptive solutions implying disruptive change. In the past, only a few entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, maintained the passion, patience, and determination to accomplish disruptive change in the marketplace. Today with the growing number of disruptive technologies available, like cloud computing, wireless sensors, Big Data, and mobile devices, an incremental solutions mindset is no longer enough to win. John Sculley, in his classic book “Moonshot!: Game-Changing Strategies to Build Billion-Dollar Businesses” argues that every entrepreneur now needs to think and act like one of those elite entrepreneurs who could go the extra mile and cause disruptive change. He coins the term “adaptive innovator” for the required mindset to characterize the required focus. I strongly support the key principles he outlines as required to drive the mindset to make business leaders successful in this new world, both in established companies as well as startups. I have summarized or paraphrased the points here, to add my own focus and experience with new entrepreneurs and startups: Be forever curious and an optimist. Adaptive innovator entrepreneurs are inspired by what’s possible, but focus on what’s probable. Great entrepreneurs aren’t just dreamers, they are doers. They wake up each day re-energized and optimistic, curious about the world around them, but always committed to getting real things done. Unpack your best ideas. Unpacking an idea is about taking deep dives into it; twisting and turning it to see the concept in different ways. The deeper your dive into an idea, the more creative will be your insights. Ideas without context are just a commodity. Context comes from experience. Trying and failing is an experience building-block to get context. Learn more every day in layers. Let every new bit of learning spark your curiosity to build a new layer…

6 Growth Slowdowns That Can Quickly Lead To Disaster

Every entrepreneur thinks he can relax a bit after his business model is proven, funding is in place, and revenues are scaling as projected up that hockey-stick curve. Unfortunately, the market is changing so fast these days that any upward climb can level off quickly, as the core business growth begins to stall. This S-Curve, with no correction, can quickly lead to disaster. I’m not talking here about a small pivot. I’m talking about the kind of change that moved Apple from personal computers to music distribution to consumer electronics, and Amazon from books to e-Commerce to cloud computing services. On the other end of the spectrum are companies that fell behind the curve and may never recover, including MySpace for social networking, Yahoo with online ads, and Groupon with discounts for group purchasing. To sustain long-term growth, every company needs to build a repeatable process for innovation and finding new opportunities before their core business growth disappears. The reasons for this requirement, and some practical guidelines for how to prepare, are outlined in the classic book “The Curve Ahead: Discovering the Path to Unlimited Growth,” by Dave Power. Power has been guiding growth companies for 25 years, and now teaches innovation at the Harvard Extension School. He has helped many companies with this problem, and as an advisor to startups, I see the same common themes leading to growth slowdowns. These are appearing earlier and earlier in emerging companies, as well as in mid-sized and mature companies: Your original market becomes saturated. Initially, all companies sell to customers who are the easiest to reach and most excited about the new product. As a company begins to penetrate its market, it begins to work hard and harder, often in new geographies, to find more prospects. Marketing costs and time go up, and the growth curve flattens. Competitors see the same opportunity. New players jump in, and existing players broaden their offerings to cover the same territory. They steal a share of your market, slow down customer buying decisions, making it harder to close new business, and put the brakes quickly…

7 Keys To Success With An Employee Ownership Culture

One of the lessons I have learned over the years as a business executive, and now as a mentor to entrepreneurs, is that if you really want employees who enthusiastically take ownership of their work, you have to start treating them like owners, not renters. Owners feel they have skin in the game, and benefit from improved effort and results, rather than just getting blamed for problems. Unfortunately, according to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, only about one-third of employees feel like owners. Another 50 percent are “job renters,” bringing only their hands, but not their hearts to work. They show up every day, keep a low profile, and collect a paycheck. The remainder are actively disengaged, and passively block or actively sabotage forward progress. It’s a growing challenge, since we now have four generations of workers together – Matures, Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials (Gen Y), all with different ideas of how an owner should act. I was impressed to see some real guidance on this subject in a new book, “Counter Mentor Leadership”, by Kelly and Robby Riggs, a father-son coaching team that spans the age spectrum. These authors helped me validate my own recommendations on how business leaders and entrepreneurs can incent their own team members and employees to move a bit closer to the owner mentality. These include the following: Clearly communicate the big picture, and current reality. Be accessible, talk often to the team about the business, and be specific in communicating a vision and goals. Don’t hide the current reality of challenges and shortfalls. Employees can’t be owners if they don’t understand the business targets and realities. They will revert to renters, at best. Give every employee the necessary degrees of freedom. Remember, one of the key drivers of ownership is a sense of autonomy. By definition, the freedom box is different for every owner. Some are super-capable and deserve a lot of decision making flexibility, while others are new or less experienced, so their box must be a bit smaller. Make them owners with stock options and actions. Ownership can be…

10 Rules For Business Success That Haven’t Changed

In this world of constant change, new technologies, and a thousand cultures, it’s evident and somehow comforting to me that the basic rules for business prosperity really haven’t changed in the last hundred years. Business success is still more about the people than the technology or idea involved. As an angel investor and a mentor to entrepreneurs I still see this every day. I was just reviewing a collection of essays by and about Napoleon Hill, “The Science of Success,” who is most recognized as the author of the best seller “Think and Grow Rich” from way back in 1937. Hill attributes his ten rules of success to Andrew Carnegie, who was in his prime well before that, over a hundred years ago, but I believe the principles are still critically relevant. Since language and implication have changed a bit since then, I’ll restate Carnegie and Hill’s original rules here, with my own current-day commentary and recommendations added: Definiteness of purpose. Every entrepreneur needs to start by setting a major purpose for embarking down a specific business path. This objective needs to go beyond making a parent or spouse happy, getting rich quick, or advancing a technology. For success these days, the purpose better focus on people, and solve a real problem for customers. Master-mind alliance. Building successful businesses still requires the ability to find and inspire the best people who “have what you haven’t,” whether that be skills, knowledge, connections, or funding. Then you must extend these alliances to vendors, partners, customers, and even competitors (coopetition). Going the extra mile. Hill’s eagerness to serve others gave him greater opportunities, and this Law of Reciprocity works the same today. Doing more than you have to do is the only thing that justifies raises or promotions, and puts people under an obligation to you.  This is still one of the most important competitive differentiators that you can offer. Applied faith. This is a level of belief that has action behind it. Anyone can have ideas, passion, and faith about an important business opportunity. Yet for most people it’s only a daydream,…

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