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How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.  In Celebration of our 9th Anniversary, this is excerpted from my recent interview with Tracey Edmonds.  She is a businesswoman, television producer and personality. She is the CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group Inc., COO of Our Stories Films and AlrightNow.  For more information: SmallBizlady:  What is the importance of branding? Tracey Edmonds: At its core, branding, whether for a business or for an individual, defines a business/individual and its/their image: who you are, what you stand for, what you do, and why you do it. Your brand builds trust with your customers and can influence their lifestyle and buying decisions. Your growth and success are deeply rooted in your brand because it gives you the direction to expand your business. SmallBizlady:  Why would a company or individual need to rebrand? Tracey Edmonds: There are several reasons—some good and some bad. The most common reason is that you’ve simply outgrown your current brand. Companies, large and small, usually need to rebrand at some point. Maybe they want to attract a bigger audience or add new products. Another reason is that you have had customer backlash—negative press and reviews or a product didn’t live up to its hype. For an individual, when your public image has been tarnished in some way, it can be a good time to stop everything, focus on a rebrand, and rebuild your reputation.  Or when an individual has evolved and is ready to enter a new chapter in their life/career, strategic rebranding is important. SmallBizlady:  What are the benefits of rebranding? Tracey Edmonds: Rebranding means that you are looking at who you are and where you want to go. Maybe you want to reengage your audience/customers or create a new look for yourself. Rebranding gives you the chance to regroup and change your direction. SmallBizlady:  Does a company need to throw out its current branding? Tracey Edmonds: Not necessarily. I recommend looking at the current branding and see what…

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