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Telling a Compelling Brand Story

There are many moving parts to successfully marketing your business. It’s easy to get distracted with the technical content creation and marketing techniques that are said to make the difference. What’s often forgotten is that consumers appreciate authenticity. They want to know more about the businesses they buy from. The demand for a sense of human connection is back. Using a brand story is the ideal way to create this invisible thread between you and your consumers. First of all, what is a Brand Story? One of the common mistakes in brand storytelling is making the assumption that you must deliver a neatly packaged linear narrative. The word ‘story’ can be misleading, especially if you’re new to the marketing world. The first thing to understand about your brand story is the purpose it serves. Your brand story should communicate the essence of your business, service, and/or product. Nevertheless, communicating the essence of your business in a way that will get through to consumers does include a basic formula. This is what you need to share through your brand story: The Who The first thing consumers want to learn about is who you are. They want to know where you started, what culture and values you embrace, and what mission you live by. It’s not only about you, of course. Exploring the Who also involves making it clear who you are trying to help through your business. Answer these questions: Who are your target customers? Why are you the right person to help? The What Don’t leave consumers guessing or trying to fill in any gaps. Make it explicitly clear what service or product you provide. It’s critical to portray your business and product for what it is. This helps create trust and loyalty from consumers. Answer this question: What’s your sales pitch, how do you sell your business? The Why You can take the time to share your driving vision with consumers. They will want to know what made you start the journey to provide your service or product. Just make sure that you focus mainly on why it benefits…

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