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BlueVine Exec Shares 3 Tips To Success As a Business Owner

Do a Google search for  “advice for small business.” You’ll probably be overwhelmed by the number of results. Small business owners can find hundreds, if not thousands, of articles how to succeed in the business world. This is another one. Based on my experiences working for big and small corporations, including BlueVine, a startup that is working directly with small business owners, I’d urge you to do these three things: 1. Hire for weakness No, not their weaknesses – yours. If you’ve got the imagination and courage to start a company, you obviously have skills to make it thrive and succeed. But are there skills that you don’t have? If you’re honest with yourself, you’re probably not equally strong across the board. You may be great on vision, but short on execution. That’s actually why many founders end up hiring “operational CEOs.” You may be a great salesperson, or you may be more effective and happier coding in the background. Some small business advice sites will tell you to address weaknesses by acquiring new skills. You’d be encouraged to take coding classes, for example. This may be good advice for some entrepreneurs. If you’re a small business owner, you really do need to know a little bit about everything, enough to at least ask informed questions and know when someone’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes. But with most areas where subject matter is specialized, you’re better off hiring someone whose expertise complements yours. 2. Prioritize the client experience This is an important tip that many other blog posts would highlight. In many cases, providing an amazing end-to-end client experience is the key to success for any small business. That’s certainly been our experience at BlueVine as we try to become a truly trusted ally of small and medium-sized businesses. We’ve done that by making sure that all the teams that work with customers — from business development and marketing to sales, account management and support — are aligned and moving forward based on a common approach. With these departments all in sync, we’ve launched new products, increased…

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