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10 Fabulous Freebies for Bloggers

One of the most popular ways to earn money from home is through owning and operating your own blog. As a blogger, I can tell you one thing — you get out what you put in. Success doesn’t happen with writing a couple of good articles. It can be frustrating, depressing, and oddly enjoyable. There […] The post 10 Fabulous Freebies for Bloggers appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

30 Fantastic Writer’s Conferences for Authors, Bloggers and Freelancers

Ready to connect with literary agents, editors and other writers at a writers conference? If you’re tired of learning about interesting opportunities just a little too late, bookmark this list of annual writers conferences for future planning, so you can join in on the mingling, learning and inspiration in years to come! General interest 1. Writer’s Digest Conference When: Annually in August Where: New York City The Writer’s Digest editors bring you this annual conference with resources for craft, career and creative inspiration. More than 50 agents and editors participate in the infamous Pitch Slam, and dozens of industry experts lead educational sessions. 2. San Francisco Writers Conference When: Annually in February Where: San Francisco, CA Held annually in February, this conference is a “celebration of craft, commerce and community.” Connect with industry experts, bestselling authors, agents, editors and leaders in both self-publishing and traditional publishing. 3. San Francisco Writing for Change Conference When: Annually in September Where: San Francisco, CA This annual one-day conference asks nonfiction writers, “Can your book change the world?” The conference brings together writers and industry experts to teach nonfiction writers about writing, publishing, marketing and technology. 4. Northern Colorado Writers Conference When: Annually in May Where: Fort Collins, CO The Northern Colorado Writers group provides support and encouragement to writers of all genres and levels through this annual conference, as well as through monthly meetings, classes and other networking and social events. The event typically has just 130 to 150 attendees, so you’ll get a more intimate experience. 5. Association of Writers and Writing Programs When: Annually in Spring Where: Various North American cities Each year, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) hosts the Annual Conference & Bookfair in a different city. The event celebrates authors, teachers, students, writing programs, literary centers and publishers in the region hosting the conference. With more than 12 thousand writers and readers attending each year, AWP is the largest literary conference in North America. 6. Las Vegas Writers Conference When: Annually in spring Where: Las Vegas, NV Henderson Writers Group hosts this annual conference for writers.…

10 Tips for Effective Business Writing

For business people, it is important to be able to write effective texts. Business courses do not teach this. If you have many new ideas and want to share your… Read more » The post 10 Tips for Effective Business Writing appeared first on

Income Journey eBook Review – Blog Monetization/Email List Growth Tips

Every once in a while, I come across a resource that inspires me so much that I can help but share it with my audience.  I am a firm believer in always learning new things, especially when it comes to online business.  My most recent source of this positivity was an ebook that I purchased, […] The post Income Journey eBook Review – Blog Monetization/Email List Growth Tips appeared first on Tech Money Mama.

8 Blogging Tasks to Get Done Before Your Baby is Born

Are you a mom blogger ready to have a baby? Need some time saving tips for your new mom blog? Oh yeah, I’m here to help ya! Even though I’ve been blogging for a while when my twins were toddlers and are now in school, I know many mom bloggers blogging away and are pregnant! You go mommy blogger! Time management is something you need when your new baby will be born. How do other bloggers manage their time with a new baby and another child or toddler running around? But, before that happens, you want to be ready BEFORE baby comes. That’s probably the best way to manage your blog and newborn (because you don’t want to neglect your blog as this is a great way to make money while you stay home with your child). What blogging tasks should you prepare or automate and set up during your third trimester? I have eight blogging tasks for time saving tips for busy moms in your last trimester. 1. Write Your Emails in Advance Mama, have you started your email list yet? If you haven’t yet, that’s okay. Instead of writing your emails in advance, start your list and you can create a freebie (I’ll share my tips later on that!). But, if you have a list, you don’t want to neglect sending weekly or bi-weekly emails in the first few weeks or months your baby is born. What you can do is create several emails and schedule them to send out every week or whenever your schedule is while you’re taking care of your newborn. But, there is so much to do before baby comes – not only with your blog but also at home and with your family – that creating unique and original emails can take too long. Instead, I’ve got a content hack for you: use content you already have! I do this regularly since I have several email lists for my different blogs. Coming up with original content for two or three emails every week is hard for me. So, instead, I just “borrow” what…

How to Start a Food Blog: Get Traffic and Monetize Your Blog!

What do Pinch of Yum, Cookie and Kate, and The Recipe Critic have in common? They are all awesome food bloggers who’ve made a name for themselves in the food blogsphere, and are earning an incredible online income from their blogs. But how hard can it be to start a food blog, assuming you are […] The post How to Start a Food Blog: Get Traffic and Monetize Your Blog! appeared first on Tech Money Mama.

Start a Money-Making Blog in 5 Easy Steps!

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms So you’re thinking about starting your own money-making blog, and you’re wondering if it’s actually possible to earn extra money or even make a full-time income blogging. The answer is yes. You can start your own blog and, depending on the amount of time and effort you’re willing to invest, either bring in some regular extra […] The post Start a Money-Making Blog in 5 Easy Steps! appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories Food Blogger Pro: Enrollment is Open! The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit: Treat Your Blog Like a Business! Learn How to Earn a Full-Time Income from Your Blog!  

10 Steps to Better Rankings in Google

Having a good ranking in Google is one of the best ways to ensure that your website or blog gets a steady stream of traffic. This means that you ultimately have more sales and a bigger income. Achieving a better ranking on search engines is not something that you achieve overnight, however, and you should […] The post 10 Steps to Better Rankings in Google appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Why Tailwind Is Now Becoming More Important For Bloggers Using Pinterest

Starting your blog can be one of the best things you can start! As a mommy blogger with five-year-old twins, I’ve seen how my blog has grown my income, helped me meet amazing mompreneurs and above all, inspire and serve my readers. But,  once you start a blog, the next biggest puzzle piece is promoting it. There are many different ways to increase blog traffic for your blog, but when I started Twins Mommy, I knew I had rely on social media. SEO for new bloggers doesn’t come into play until six months to 1 year later. But, I’m a mom. A mom blogger. A freelance writer too! I had no time to share my latest blog post. I had to invest in an automated scheduling tool to do the work for me and help me grow my new blog. And that’s when Tailwind came into my life! How Tailwind Helped Grow My Blog For the past two years I’ve been using Tailwind to grow my blog and I know it has helped me get my first 4,000 pageviews in the first month of my blog! I was shocked by this since my other blog took months to get to 10,000 pageviews. And then I started growing my income because of Tailwind. One of my pins became popular for a popular search term and that helped me make sales every single day. But, that was then. What about now? Tailwind Is More Important Than Ever Right NOW Pinterest is my main promotion strategy, but recently they have changed their platform. From a new look to new analtyics to new information about how to use keywords for our pins, it’s been an eye-opener to say the least. Here’s my graphic on showing all the recent changes up to June 2018. The biggest takeaway is that Pinterest favors fresh pins and content creators. Let’s dive into this: Pinterest Has Stated that They Are Prioritizing Fresh Pins What is a fresh pin? This is a pin that has never been shared on Pinterest and comes from your blog. So, these are your pins…

7 Marketing Strategies Bloggers Should be Using in 2018

It doesn’t matter what you blog about—you have the capacity to reach a huge audience if you know what you’re doing. Many bloggers begin with a grandiose idea of fame,… Read more » The post 7 Marketing Strategies Bloggers Should be Using in 2018 appeared first on

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