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Top 7 Search Engine Evaluator Jobs That Pay $12 – $15 Per Hour

If you’re looking for a flexible way to make an income from your home office, a Search Engine Evaluator job might be right up your alley. Most companies that hire Search Engine Evaluators, also known as a Web Search Evaluator, do not require you to work a specific schedule, but instead send along evaluations projects […] The post Top 7 Search Engine Evaluator Jobs That Pay $12 – $15 Per Hour appeared first on Make Money Online.

Pro Tips for Moderating Your Next Panel Discussion

At the center of any panel discussion, you’ll obviously find panelists. People in this role are present to speak about their experiences pertaining to a given topic. It’s fair to… Read more » The post Pro Tips for Moderating Your Next Panel Discussion appeared first on

4 Important Legal Steps to Take Before Finalizing a Home Purchase

The home buying experience can be stressful at times but is generally a fun time in which you get to search through hundreds of different homes to find the one… Read more » The post 4 Important Legal Steps to Take Before Finalizing a Home Purchase appeared first on

5 Top Budget Crunching Tips for Entrepreneurs

Do you find more money “runs out” of your bank account every month than is coming in? Do not fear. There are several simple steps you can take to better… Read more » The post 5 Top Budget Crunching Tips for Entrepreneurs appeared first on

How Not To Get Stuck In A Work From Home Job You Hate

All too often, I receive emails very plainly asking: “How can I work from home?”  It’s a fair question, yes. But, my first response to these vague emailers is: “What kind of work are you looking for?”  And, 9 times out of 10, I get the same one-word response: “Anything.”  Hmm.  That’s when I strongly encourage said emailer to pump the brakes and stop their remote job search ASAP.  Why? For starters, “Anything” is not a job title. And, secondly, not all work-from-home jobs are created equal.  So, to prevent them (and you) from making the mistake of accepting any ol’ remote job just for the sake of telecommuting, I’ve put together this guide on how not to get stuck in a work from home job you hate. Because, there’s nothing worse than finding what you think is your dream job one month only to be dreading every single workday the next.  Don’t Take The Wrong Type Of Position  If you’re an aspiring freelancer, you’re going to feel stifled by a remote employee position that requires you to be tethered to your home office desk eight hours a day. Similarly, if you crave the stability and consistency of a remote-friendly 9 to 5, freelancing gigs may send you into a panic!  Before beginning a remote job search, figure out what kind of remote worker you are.  Generally speaking, there are two main types of remote work: Freelance Employee To help you understand the basics of both types, I’ve created a handy infographic explaining the differences:  Once you decide on either freelancing your way to freedom or signing up for a steady employee position, you can focus on finding the type of job you’ll love and avoid those you’ll inherently hate.  Don’t Settle For Any Old Remote Job  It can be easy to get caught up in the thrill of working from home. You’re currently stuck in a cubicle and are desperate to escape it. Who could blame you?  But, don’t let your eagerness to ditch the daily commute cloud your otherwise sound judgement. You should not settle for any old…

How to Work From Home as a Proofreader

As a proofreader, you are the last pair of eyes that look at an article, magazine, book, or newspaper before it goes out to the public. You’re in charge to make sure there are no mistakes. No pressure.  Seriously though, a proofreader’s job can be quite enjoyable if you like to review content and catch errors. It can also be a profitable way to make money from home. If you like to read content, have a knack for catching grammar and syntax errors, and take pride in your work here’s how to work from home as a proofreader. What Qualifications Do You Need? To be a proofreader you don’t have to have a college degree. If you do have a college degree and it’s not specific to writing and editing that can be fine too. While it may not be necessary to have a college degree, it isn’t a bad thing if you have a related degree. Experience, however, is important. Experience can land you the job and enable you to keep it. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting clients positive results. That said, you’ll need to have certain skills like the ability to understand English grammar and sentence structure along with being able to edit for a variety of different writing styles and meet deadlines. If you want to brush up on your proofreading skills, you can always take an online course or enroll in a course at your local community college. You can also reach out to friends and businesses to see if you can do some trial work for them to gain more experience and build up your portfolio. How Much Can You Make? As a proofreader, you can make anywhere from $15-30 per hour. According to , the average proofreader earns between $44,210 and $57,532 annually. Keep in mind your earnings depend on how often you work and what type of proofreading work you’re doing. If you proofreader a larger project like a nonfiction novel with anywhere from 15,000 – 35,000 words you can earn several hundred dollars for that project.…

Wayfair Hiring Work at Home Customer Service in Nevada and Arizona

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms Wayfair is hiring work at home customer service agents in Nevada and Arizona, and the company is holding a virtual open house on December 19th for the openings in Arizona, in order to give potential applicants a chance to learn more about the home-based opportunity. These appear to be full-time work at home customer service […] The post Wayfair Hiring Work at Home Customer Service in Nevada and Arizona appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories Home-Based Customer Service Jobs with Sedgwick Oildex Home-Based Owner Relations Customer Service Jobs Work at Home Customer Support Jobs with Gadget Guard  

Work at home to do products testing, Write feedback, Be paid $5 for two

Work at your home freely We will send the products to you( no need to return) Refund after feedback via pp. (Christmas decoration/sports products/household products/personal care products) Choose 2 items you like from our list US based only Leave your mail and get ready to work, if you are interested. I’ll contact you in the first place,tell you the details. submitted by /u/Papaya011 [link] [comments]

How to Become a Notary Public From Home

Chances are, you’ve had to enlist the help of a notary public at some point in your adult life. A notary public’s job is simple — they oversee the signing of important documents to prevent fraud. Not only do they check a person’s identification to ensure they’re the individual who should be signing, but they take […] The post How to Become a Notary Public From Home appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

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