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Three Rising Cryptocurrencies to Watch (That Aren’t Bitcoin)

As of January 3, 2018, the entire cryptocurrency market was worth a staggering $700 billion. Driven by Bitcoin, the highest profile cryptocurrency, after it bounced back from its Christmas 2017… Read more » The post Three Rising Cryptocurrencies to Watch (That Aren’t Bitcoin) appeared first on

How to Be Successful on Etsy

If you run a craft business or have an artistic streak, you may have considered making money with your creative venture online. Etsy is a popular route but comes with its own set of new technology, strategies, and challenges that can be overwhelming to the newcomer. With all of the options and competition out there […] The post How to Be Successful on Etsy appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

Entrepreneur Q&A: Matt Turner, founder and MD of Clownfish Events

Describe your business model and what makes your business unique What is actually unique these days? There are very few businesses that can truly say what they do is unique apart from companies like Uber and Airbnb who start a completely new business model. We’re not the only events company in the UK but we The post Entrepreneur Q&A: Matt Turner, founder and MD of Clownfish Events appeared first on Small Business.

What is a sole trader? A small business guide

Setting up in business is a great new chapter in anyone’s life. As well as the exciting stuff like naming your business and finding new customers, you also need to make sure you stay on the right side of the taxman and the law, and part of this is picking the right structure for your The post What is a sole trader? A small business guide appeared first on Small Business.

How General Liability Insurance Adds Value to Your Organization

Businesses thrive when they have certain tools at their disposal that promise to elevate them further and ultimately add more value. It’s also considered the litmus test of any new invention. If it can add value, it’ll be a resounding success, if it cannot, it’ll fail miserably. Insurance is a lot similar to that. While almost every business wants to protect itself against any unwarranted losses and expenditures, it expects more than just protection for their investments. General Liability Insurance for small business usually represents the ideal insurance opportunity in such cases. While its primary purpose is to provide financial protection, it also covers a lot more than that and is genuinely considered an asset to have on the company’s balance sheet. There are other factors that you should ideally consider when buying General Liability. It doesn’t matter what your primary risk factors are, you can expect them to be taken care of. It will not only protect your current assets but also facilitate your future growth.  It’s a simple truth the simplest way to add value to your organization is to avoid the common pitfalls and maintain your company’s quality of service. Having the right kind of coverage is a fantastic way to start. If you want to know why then here’s how General Liability can actually add value to your organization. The Workers Times may change, practices may evolve, but workers will also be an important part of any organization’s present and future. And while their productivity is not the issue here, their confidence and morale certainly is. It goes without saying that having your employees and workers working with a high morale can certainly uplift the general mood and productivity of your organization. Additionally, it will also prevent your company from having to bear expensive expenditures in case any of your workers are injured. The policy ensures that you’ll be safe from a financial point of view while imbuing an air of confidence within an organization that the management cares about the work force and has effective policies in place to take care of them, if anything…

Accounts and tax: A small business guide to managing your finances

You’ve decided to branch out on your own. Your business plan is solid and you’ve chosen how to trade. You’ve sorted your bank account, insurance is covered and you’ve registered with HMRC. You’ve got a swanky new office, your employees are due to get paid at the end of the month and everything feels pretty The post Accounts and tax: A small business guide to managing your finances appeared first on Small Business.

Profit and loss template

The post Profit and loss template appeared first on Small Business.

The Most Trusted B2B Brands in 2018 Are Also the Most Profitable, Report Says

Getting the trust of your customers is one way to ensure the longevity of your business. This is true whether your company is a B2B or B2C enterprise. The 2018 B2B Trusted Brands Report (PDF) from Sagefrog points out why trust is so important in B2B, and why you will probably recognize all if not most of the brands on its list. Most Trusted B2B Brands In the report Sagefrog says, developing a rapport with clients characterizing their brands as trustworthy plays a major role in the market. This it says is because when a customer trusts your particular brand, more often than not it translates to brand loyalty. For small businesses in the B2B segment gaining this trust requires a concerted effort which Sagefrog says are based on three major factors. And in the report, the top-ranked brands exhibited these traits. They are Brand Awareness, Customer Interaction & Satisfaction and being in a Trusted Industry. The company said, “For B2B brands to be recognized as the most trusted, excelling and driving innovation in each of these three categories is critical. Exceeding customer expectations in just one category while performing with mediocrity in the other two is detrimental for brands in today’s buyer-centric business landscape.” Sagefrog collected over 1,000 votes in a customer-choice survey during the first quarter of 2018. It then ranked B2B brands based on trust factor to come up with the list for 2018. Here are the most trusted B2B brands with scores of 80+ which is exceptional and 60-79 excellent. A quick look reveals these 17 brands belong to some of the most recognizable companies in the world for their B2B and B2C operations. The next list is made of brands with a good trust factor receiving a score of 50+. The brands on this list are also very familiar to both segments. The Three Factors Sagefrog says Brand Awareness is the most important factor related to how it affects a company’s trust level. It makes a great deal of sense because without the recognition it is that much harder for your customers to know you…

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