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How To Become a Best-Selling Author in 90 Days

Guest Article These days, “best-selling” is a term that people throw around pretty loosely. But bottom-line, there has to be a lot of sales somewhere for the title to hold true. So how many sales does it take? My answer is 10,000. That is a respectable number, no matter what your angle. Some argue that 5,000 qualifies as “best-seller” status. Others disagree. Whatever your number, I argue that telling all your friends to buy your book at noon on a specific Tuesday morning on Amazon to tilt the system into bumping your book to “best-seller” status in your given category with only 100 sales … is a bit fishy. Sure, it works, but I’m going with 10,000 copies sold. Now, how to sell 10,000 copies is usually a challenge. Most authors dream of getting full retail price for their book multiplied by 10,000 copies. Yes, the math is great in your mind, but making it happen in real life is the hard part. Instead of getting full retail price, what if you made just $1 per book (that’s $10,000 profits), would you be happy? And what if the 10,000 copies boosted your brand, made you recognized in your local community, opened countless doors, gave you increased respect, all in addition to your coveted best-seller status … and within 90 days? Using the Growth Plan model, you can do just that. You can actually do it in less time if you want. Either way, you will need to work hard and fast, but it is possible. Here are the 7 steps to get you there: Step #1 – Choose to author your own Secrets of Our Success book. Each book in the series, published by Book Ripple Publishing, has the same format: paperback, 5×7 in size, 64 pages in length … and full of 100 quotes from local leaders, businesspeople, owners, celebrities, and more. Step #2 – Work with the publisher to create the cover of your book. Use the cover in your talking, showing, and social media efforts to generate interest in your book. The $500 cost to author a…

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