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As a Parent, Should I Go Back to School?

Sponsored by Strayer University If you left your traditional 9-to-5 behind to stay-at-home with your kids, it can be challenging to figure out what’s next for your career path. With new technology and innovations, you may not have the skills and the latest cutting-edge knowledge about your industry anymore. Maybe your interests and passions have […] The post As a Parent, Should I Go Back to School? appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.


Labor Day is quickly approaching, marking the official trek back-to-school for millions of children around the country. Yet, back-to-school means something far different for moms and dads. For working parents, it also signals the start of juggling the demands of your own job with homework, studying, and extracurricular activities. Meanwhile, many stay-at-home moms have newfound freedom and energy, and a lot more time on your hands. While students are busy “building their brains” in school, why not take this opportunity to build your own business? BEGIN A NEW CHAPTER If you dream of leaving the 9-to-5 rat race so you can have more control over your work and personal life, or you want to earn a living while working from home but still have the time to raise your children, consider joining the millions of people who have started their own at-home business. In fact, 69 percent of businesses now start in the home, by people just like you. Owning a small business has never been as easy and attainable as it is today. And, we’ve made it easier by creating a crash course in starting your own business. A HOME-BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY WORTH LEARNING ABOUT Starting your own business can seem complicated and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Thousands of people have started their own home-based, mini-call centers and are using the Arise Platform while enjoying the ability to schedule their work hours whenever they choose, providing customer support, sales and technical support to a Fortune 500 client base already built for them. In fact, the call center industry is $18 billion and growing, so small business owners who run mini-call centers and use the Arise Platform enjoy unlimited earning potential, on their own terms. TAKE A COURSE THAT WILL CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE If you’re ready to learn how to start your own business, and take control over your work and family life, download our Crash Course: Starting Your Own Business. Discover the many aspects and benefits of owning a home-based business, including: ·         Are you suited to a work-at-home environment? ·         The…

Back to School Time: Start a Home Business or Work at Home Career!

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms The kids will be heading back to school soon! Kids that go year-round are already back in school. This is the perfect time for you to start a new home business or work-at-home career! Maybe your child is just starting school full-time, and this is the first chance you’ve had to think about starting your […] The post Back to School Time: Start a Home Business or Work at Home Career! appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories 9 Legit and Affordable Online Courses to Prepare You to Work from Home 8 Free Work at Home Courses and Resources You Don’t Want to Miss! Want to Earn a Living from Home? Work-at-Home School is Here!  

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