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Top 5 Smart Home Systems to Improve Your Home Office

As technology advances, our need for quicker and more efficient products, capable of keeping up, increases. Currently, smart home systems are on the top of the list. Whether you need a hands-free voice-activated device to lock all your doors or you want to control your thermostat from an integrated app on your phone, here are […] The post Top 5 Smart Home Systems to Improve Your Home Office appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Automation and Creativity: The Duelling Cornerstones of Successful Business

Loads of SME’s that are not tech friendly are naturally apprehensive about automation preferring to do business the old-fashioned way. Successful business practice doesn’t always include profit margins, it also… Read more » The post Automation and Creativity: The Duelling Cornerstones of Successful Business appeared first on

Automation as Design Partner = The Power to Make a Better Future

As a member of the next generation, are you worried about the future? Are you worried about robots and increasing levels of automation impacting your life and livelihood? Given the headlines these days, this is understandable. I, however, am more optimistic than ever about the future—one with 10 billion people on Earth, most living in […] The post Automation as Design Partner = The Power to Make a Better Future appeared first on SmallBizClub.

5 Ways the Modern Assembly Line Moved to Automation and Back to Humanization

Since the debut of the modern assembly line on at the Ford Plant in Highland Park, Michigan on December 1, 1913, manufacturers have continually experimented with improving its promise of speed, efficiency, and reliability. Far from a static technology, the assembly line invites change: Automation via robotics, new factory designs that lower manufacturing’s environmental impact, […] The post 5 Ways the Modern Assembly Line Moved to Automation and Back to Humanization appeared first on SmallBizClub.

6 Signs You’re Over-Segmenting Your Marketing Automation Campaigns

Email marketing automation software and personalization is becoming more hyped with the rise of big data and AI. Every marketer knows that email list segmentation improves open and click rates. Segmented lists have 14.31% more open rates than non-segmented counterparts. It also raises click rates up to 100.95%. But, there’s such a thing as over-segmentation. Too much segmentation can actually hurt your marketing efforts instead of boosting it. But, how much segmentation is too much?  Fortunately, you don’t have to make a wild guess if you’re doing too much. There are signs that show that you’re over-segmenting. Here are the markers that your segmentation is off-key and tips on how to resolve these over-segmentation problems. You have more than 7 personas.  The rule on how many personas you should have is not set on rock but more than 7 is a bit too much for most companies. If you’re just a start-up, start with one persona and escalate from there. The number of your buyer personas depends on how diverse your products are. Buyer personas should be between one to five, with three as the most ideal. This number allows you to adequately serve the personal preferences of each group.  Some of those personas are overlapping. This problem coincides with problem number one. Having more than 7 personas suggest that some of your personas have overlapping characteristics. Not only does this divert you from focusing on better campaigns, it wastes your time and effort too. Check your personas and merge the groups that have overlapping characteristics. You don’t have to microsegment every data you have about your potential clients. You just need to find a common ground and build your segment from there. Each segment should significantly differ from each other. You’re relying too much on software.  Even if AI is replacing most of the marketing tasks, there is no substitute for human intuition. At the other side of your marketing ploys are human beings, not machines. So you shouldn’t allow all of technology to dictate how you segment. A software can only give answers, but they don’t know how…

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Creating Automated Platforms

Many businesses are interested in investigating the ways automation can help them stand out in today’s competitive market. Advances in networking, software engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML)… Read more » The post 5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Creating Automated Platforms appeared first on

5 Marketing Automation Tools That Make Your Job Easier

Digital marketing can be a stressful job and quite the headache. There are just so many digital channels to keep up with, user metrics to analyze and hundreds of emails to send out. This is why many marketers look to marketing automation tools to simplify their daily tasks and maximize their marketing efforts. But how […] The post 5 Marketing Automation Tools That Make Your Job Easier appeared first on SmallBizClub. Powered by WPeMatico

Boost Business with 3 Software Automation Techniques

Time is money, so start freeing up time to make room for growing revenue. Business owners know all too well that smart business management means being able to get things done efficiently and not get bogged down in day-to-day operations. One of the biggest ways modern business owners are streamlining business operations is by utilizing automated software solutions to take care of essential tasks quickly and accurately. Here are three software automation techniques that can have a big impact on how you do business. #1 E-commerce & inventory management automation If you run a business that involves selling goods or services online, it’s likely that you spend a significant amount of time managing everything from purchase ordering and inventory management to shipping and fulfillment. Utilizing dedicated e-commerce and inventory management software can positively impact your entire sales process by enabling automatic reordering, payment processing, stock updating and a host of other benefits. Taking it one step further, some e-commerce and inventory software solutions like TradeGecko and Shopify can be integrated with other software, so you can manage your entire sales, ordering, accounting, and fulfillment process from the one place. This has huge time-saving potential that smart online merchants can’t afford to overlook. #2 Digital marketing automation Regardless of your type of business, having a defined digital marketing strategy is key to getting ahead. But for many businesses, especially new ones, there isn’t much spare time or manpower to dedicate to marketing. That’s where automated digital marketing solutions come into play. Tools like Hootsuite, for example, can be used to manage and schedule all your social media posts from a single dashboard, while a solution like Needls enables automated ad creation and targets prospective customers for you. Depending on what you want to achieve, there’s a tool to manage virtually every component of your digital marketing strategy. It’s just a matter of finding one that has the capabilities you need. #3 Customer relationship management (CRM) automation AI is a hot topic nowadays and while it may seem like a far-fetched concept, the fact is that it’s becoming more widely used in day-to-day business. One of its major uses is for…

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