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SweatCoin Review: Get Paid To Walk or Scam?

Every time I think about working out, an excuse to skip it always pops up. Well these excuses are dwindling by the day, especially when I realized there’s someone willing to pay me to do so. If you’re here, you’re maybe wondering if the SweatCoin app can actually pay you to walk. It’s probably why […]

DoorDash Review: Make Money Delivering Food or Scam?

I’ve been telling you guys how to make money from home for years now. But I know some of ya’ll prefer being a little more active. Well, if you prefer a flexible way to make money on the go, then DoorDash might be for you. If you’re here, you are probably going through some DoorDash […]

How to market your app for loyalty

Did you know that the average mobile app retention rate is approximately 20 per cent after 90 days? That’s not great, but we all know customers are fickle. They’ll download an app for discounts and savings and never use it again. For a customer to be convinced to download, use and re-use an app, the app The post How to market your app for loyalty appeared first on Small Business.

Dosh App Review: Get Paid To Shop or A Scam?

If you are anything like me, you probably jump at any chance of reducing your credit card bill. There are apps like Dosh that put some cash back in your pocket when you shop. You are probably wondering whether this is true, that’s why you are going through a couple of Dosh App reviews. Well, […]

Validately Review: Get Paid To Test Sites or Scam?

There are so many ways to make money online nowadays. Did you know you can make money testing websites and apps? Companies like Validately claim to pay people to do just that. If you’re here, you are probably checking out Validately reviews to see if they are the real deal or not. By the time […]

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