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Things I’ve Learned after 19 Years in Business

I am so excited to share that this month marks 19 years since I left corporate America to become my own boss. I started my first business, Quintessence Group, in March of 1999. I had a laptop, fax machine and a dream.  After this long in business, I have learned a lot, most of which I share with you on this blog, but there are a few things that I wanted to point out along this journey we call entrepreneurship. Here are the 12 things I’ve learned in 19 years of business: Don’t Name Your Business a Complicated Word—The name of my company is Quintessence Group, back in college when I came up with the name I thought it was brilliant, but no one can say or spell it, and I have spent years. Leaders are Readers—Success leaves clues everywhere. One of the secrets to my business success has been constantly reading books weekly on business, leadership and social media. Never Let a Customer Down—When you make a mistake in business, you have to own it and fix it, no matter the cost. You must never let a customer down. It’s not about the mistake. It’s about how you make good on the mistake. Be Good To Work With—I work hard and I laugh a lot. My customers enjoy dealing with me and my team. No one likes a DIVA, or a business owner who treats customers like they are a bother. Love on your customers and you will always have customers. Use Employee Mistakes as Teaching Moments—It’s easy to bash employees for making mistakes, but why not turn them into teaching moments instead. You need to mentor your employees so that they can learn how to do things properly. If you train them they can learn your expectations well. Be Transparent with Employees and Clients—Often as a business owner you might think you need to come up with all the answers that is not true. Pull your team in when there’s a crisis, you never know who will come up with the right solution. Also be open with customers,…

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