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Sales Leadership

Hello, I’m Eric and in August 2017 I quit my job as a chef. I have a wife, daughter, mortgage, bills and I made about 90k/year. I had some savings and a few ideas as far as changing careers but I didn’t really have any firm plans. I started looking around for businesses, sales jobs, opportunities, etc..I did tons of research and I stopped at this opportunity. It ticked all my boxes for the perfect business to get into. I posted this ad here because I know this opportunity could positively impact you as well.

I partner with a Personal Development Company Seeking Talented Professionals to Market and Sell Online Courses and Live Personal Development Events. One of the courses we sell is Called Beyond Freedom Evolution. It is a 12 month goal achieving course that has impacted over 100,000 people in 138 countries and counting. Our next live event is in Phuket Thailand, 2019. Exotic locations and a fun atmosphere with like minded individuals make these events very successful.

The courses and events are backed by a long list of awards and include a university accredited personal development curriculum.
Others are making $10,000 or more a month using our business tools. We can show you how to as well.

The only tools you need are your laptop and phone. You work a simple 3 step system.

Please visit my site at my site and fill in your information for a quick interview. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Eric Petrus

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