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Why I Changed My Monetization Strategy (And Taking a Break From Creating Courses)


Do you know that feeling when you’re riding high and enjoying – no, LOVING – what you’re doing online? Like, everything is clicking at that precise moment?

But, then –

You realize, what are you really doing here? What are you really working for?

A number of things happened recently, and I guess part of it is realizing the reason behind blogging.

My Plan for Twins Mommy

When I first started Twins Mommy, I had a blog plan in place. I even blogged about it.

My plan last year was to create courses. I succeeded in creating Ready Set Blog for Traffic. But, I also wanted to create another course about starting a blog. I let that idea sit as I didn’t want to create just another start a blogging course that was either too on the surface or way too deep for a brand new blogger.

But, my husband wanted to buy some established blogs. Since we own several blogs, his expertise is in niche blogs and he wanted some more blogs. So I posted in my Mom to Mompreneur Facebook in December of last year:

And in January of this year a blogger reached out to me and wanted to sell her blog. This was a great opportunity as this blog was getting some visits a day (less than 50 a day), had social media profiles and even two Facebook groups.

So we ended up taking the blog and sat on it for several months. We didn’t do anything to that blog.

During this time I stood firm on an idea for a start a blog course and started creating video lessons and bonus materials.

I was in a groove. I was excited and couldn’t wait to share this with my followers.

A Change Happened Personally

During this time (early this year), we decided this was the year we would move. The place we are living in is just getting to small for this big family of four. So on top of finding a house, I was creating course lessons and my husband was sitting on this new blog.

In April of this year, my husband and I were talking about this new blog we picked up. It was a parenting blog and since parenting content isn’t something I’m really interested in writing about, we had to come up with a plan for content creation.

Since lifestyle blogs and guest posting is a strategy for traffic and monetization, we decided to try this out. So we made the blog – Imperfectly Perfect Mama – a completely contribution blog.

This means I have many mom bloggers’ voice on this blog, sharing their mom stories and amazing tips.

When Things Changed

Recently I received some messages about my business plan being too similar to another blogger. I’m not one to copy other bloggers. In fact, other bloggers copy me ALL. THE. TIME.

Plus –

Your blog ideas aren’t copyrighted.

You know, there’s no copyright on a blog post idea.

And although you want to create original blog posts, you don’t want to waste hours wrestling the “what to write about” fairy to the ground.

So when you’re filling up your idea bucket, cheating and stealing both work fine. Because when you do it right, nobody will ever know where you got your ideas from — by the time you write a post or a pitch, it’ll be your own.

To get you started on the path to your own endless reservoir of blog post ideas, I’m going to show you one of my favourite tricks for generating new ideas fast.

In general, your ideas – whether written, talked on a Podcast or video, or on a Pin image – aren’t copywrited.

And as a freelance writer I know this. So when I see others with similar Pin styles or similar content, I know that the whole blogging world isn’t some unique place where every single blogger shares brand new ideas.

I mean SEO and blogging is years and years old and the only new things stemming nowadays are about social media platforms and tools/services.

It truly takes YOUR EXPERIENCE to turn something that has been blogged about thousands of times into a unique idea.

So, when accused of copying others isn’t something I take lightly.

Without going into what happened, this experience made me turn off on course creation – right now – and made me focus on what is really important.

My New Plan Doesn’t Involve Courses

Something that I really enjoy doing is creating course lessons. I’m a creative person and love designing new things whether it’s a Pin graphic, course lesson or blog post.

But, after all of that, I decided to take a break from course creation for Twins Mommy (I will still create courses for my other blog, Elna Cain). I started blogging so I can spend time with my family.

So, with this new plan I plan on spending more time with my husband and twins so that I can build assets rather than create a job for me.

I’ll pour my tips and strategies into my Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group.

I’ll also focus my energy on growing my traffic on all my blogs as well as updating Ready Set Blog for Traffic.

My husband is interested in getting more blogs in certain profitable niches too.

So, our current plan stems from growing niche blogs. Since I already have several blogs, this isn’t new to me. What’s great is I can hone my strategy, which later can become a signature course.

Yes, while I’m not creating courses right NOW, it doesn’t’ mean later I don’t come out with this amazing course dissecting this exact strategy to make a living as a professional blogger.

And since I know I’m not creating more courses, this is a huge weight off my shoulder. I couldn’t believe how I felt the next day knowing this.

I can now focus on my passion projects:

  • Reading, editing and formatting Imperfectly Perfect Mama’s guest posts
  • Creating pins for all my blogs
  • Creating blog posts for my blogs
  • Doing more Facebook Lives (after the move)
  • Being more involved in my Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group
  • Answering my emails

I love blogging, connecting and Pinterest 🙂 And, now that is my sole focus and I love it.

Blogging Comes Down to Serving Others

I’m truly humbled by this amazing mompreneur community. I smile every time I read posts in my Facebook group or my blog comments:

This all boils down to serving others.

Are you serving your people? Serving your audience doesn’t have to include course creation.

It can include eBooks, printables, blog posts, podcasts, emails, masterclasses, and more. And for me – niche blogs 🙂

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