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10 Time-Saving Apps to Boost Productivity for Freelance Writers

Are you one of those freelance writers who is always short on time, scrambles to get stuff done, and lives in a constant state of procrastination? It happens. Shiny Object Syndrome is a real thing when you’re sitting in front of a computer all day. There’s email, social channels, your favorite blogs and websites, the latest gaming craze called Fortnite, and much more to distract you from getting work done. Sound familiar? In the perfect world, you spend all your working hours writing for clients, marketing your services, and making lots of money. But it doesn’t always work like that. Right? Fortunately, the Internet’s abyss of never-ending distractions is also a great place to find apps to help you work smarter, get organized, and be more productive. As a freelance technology writer, I’ve tested and used a long list of Chrome apps to boost my own productivity, and ultimately make more money. And so can you. Check out these 10 time-saving apps to help you move up and earn more: Google Chrome: Productivity for freelance writers You probably already know a lot about Google Chrome, like the ability to preview a URL destination before clicking on it, and being able to log in to different Google accounts in different windows. But how much do you know about Chrome browser extensions? There’s an entire category of extensions or apps that can help you be more productive and model the behaviors of other successful freelance writers. Tech solutions to manage distractions When I’m working from home – whether by choice or out of necessity – there’s inevitably more distractions (in the form of three small children) than in the office. I use productivity extensions like a Pomodoro timer (Strict Workflow is one) to timebox myself on certain tasks, and the Todoist extension to project manage my team back in the office. And those are just two Chrome extensions you can use to stay productive out of the office. There are hundreds if you check the “productivity” category of the Chrome Web Store. The best freelance writers know how to manage their time well. But…

How to Harness the Simple—and Free—Secret to Increased Productivity: Gratitude

Could your business benefit from: Increased loyalty? Higher productivity? Fewer sick days? A positive attitude? An important key to gaining these advantages is simple…and in many ways free: Gratitude. A Harvard Mental Health Letter summarizes the findings of several academic studies on the impact of gratitude in our personal lives and in the workplace, and overall, the […] The post How to Harness the Simple—and Free—Secret to Increased Productivity: Gratitude appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Apps or Analog: A Mixed Approach to Productivity

Task management is at the heart of success, helping you keep track of projects, minimize distractions, and address deadlines – but with so many organizational options on the market, it’s… Read more » The post Apps or Analog: A Mixed Approach to Productivity appeared first on

How to Drive Profitability, Productivity, and Accountability in your Small Business

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.  This is excerpted from my recent interview with Neen James, who is the author of nine books including Folding Time and her most recent, Attention Pays.  In 2017 she was named of the top 30 Leadership speakers by Global Guru.  For more info: SmallBizlady:  EVERYONE THESE DAYS IS DISTRACTED, WHY IS ATTENTION IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS OWNERS? Neen James:  That’s a good question.  People need to understand that attention is all about connection. Oftentimes it’s forgotten that we need to connect with our customers in unique ways to not only get, but to keep their attention.  Here’s one thing I know for sure, distraction decays, attention pays. The costs of distraction are personal and professional.  Unfortunately, personally – 9 people die every day because of distracted driving and professionally, $588B is lost every year in business because of not paying attention. SmallBizlady:   WHAT BENEFITS WILL BUSINESS OWNERS GET BY PAYING ATTENTION? Neen James:  There are several benefits: Attracting and retaining top talent, Increased profits, Increased add-on sales Top of mind for customers, Increased accountability of team members, Higher brand recognition Increased customer experience, and Higher customer satisfaction scores. SmallBizlady:  WE ALL THINK WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION, BUT YOU SAY MAYBE WE ARE NOT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT? Neen James:  Think back, we have been told since childhood to pay attention.  Teachers told us to pay attention.  Parents told us to pay attention.  We even tell our kids to pay attention.  Yes, it’s quite annoying. However, we think we are paying attention.  Often, we are multi-tasking, distracted in conversations, not listening intently and frustrating those we are with.  When you are truly paying attention, it means listening with your eyes.  I learned this lesson from a 5-year-old.wo reasons. SmallBizlady:  WHAT STRATEGIES CAN SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS USE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR CLIENTS? Neen James:  Oftentimes, many small business owners fail to look for opportunities to turn it from transactional to intentional.  Ideally,…

8 Small Business Time-Saving Tips

No matter how driven and hard-working you are, it’s very easy to get carried away and lose track of the time. This especially applies to small business owners who try to do as much as possible during their working day or week. With a hectic schedule and stress, you’ll be all over the place in […] The post 8 Small Business Time-Saving Tips appeared first on SmallBizClub.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Work-at-Home Mom

By Kimi Clark Work-at-home moms have the best of both worlds, right? We get to earn an income while staying home with our kids. But staying motivated while balancing work life and family life is no easy task. Just like achieving work-life balance requires boundary setting and eliminating distractions, staying motivated as a work-at-home mom entails […] The post 5 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Work-at-Home Mom appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

10 Working Time Management Tips

Why is it important to learn some basic time management tips? When you want to do everything, but you do not know where to start from, then you will have… Read more » The post 10 Working Time Management Tips appeared first on

Is Overseas Manufacturing Hurting Your Business?

Has your company actually done a comprehensive benefit/drawback analysis of how overseas manufacturing is affecting your entire bottom line? Everything from branding, to lower ROI can result from outsourcing to… Read more » The post Is Overseas Manufacturing Hurting Your Business? appeared first on

4 Ways to Delegate at Work and Boost Productivity

As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting to try do it all yourself. Your business is your brainchild, your passion project, your reason to get up in the morning. It makes sense that you’d want to oversee every aspect of your business. But you need to see the big picture. If you’re trying to do […] The post 4 Ways to Delegate at Work and Boost Productivity appeared first on SmallBizClub.

How to Tackle Home Renovations When Your Home is Your Office

By Sarah Landrum When your home is your office, you must balance the elements of personal with professional to achieve a tranquil and productive space. When you tackle home renovations, that balance gets disrupted. Home renovations also affect how you run the daily operations of your business. On top of financing and planning your renovation, […] The post How to Tackle Home Renovations When Your Home is Your Office appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

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