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Mediavine Review: Is This Display Ad Network Legit?

You have probably heard by now that display ads are a great way for sites to earn passive income. So that’s probably why you’re reading several Mediavine reviews to know if this company can help your blog earn money or not. Well we have the answer to this question and a whole lot more. So […]

Losing Blog Traffic: 14 Things You’re Doing That Are Annoying Your Blog Readers

You’ve set up your blog, written a couple of blog posts and you’re now eager to see the traffic flowing in. You’re also promoting your content. However, there could be one or 14 things you’re doing, that are causing you to lose blog traffic. You see, attracting readers to your blog is one thing. Ensuring […] The post Losing Blog Traffic: 14 Things You’re Doing That Are Annoying Your Blog Readers appeared first on Tech Money Mama.

How to Open Up Your Blog for Guest Bloggers (+ Find Bloggers to Guest Post)

Did you know that you can open up your new blog for guest bloggers? Why would you want to have submissions as a blog strategy? And how do you open up your blog for guest writers? There are multiple ways to increase blog traffic and one way is to turn your blog into a contributor blog. This is a blog that has multi-authors and allows for a blog content calendar with fresh posts weekly, bi-weekly or daily. And the blog traffic you gain can come from the writers sharing your blog post on their blog – or better – linking to your blog on bigger sites. This is a great SEO strategy. For example, Freelancer FAQs is an older contributor blog I own. I have freelance writers guest post on this blog as a way to build their portfolio and credibility as as writer. I’ve had popular freelance writers contribute to FreelancerFAQs as well as brand new writers wanting to grow their business. This has lead to great backlinks from contributors – for example, contributor Sharon Hurley Hall linked to FreelancerFAQs in a Crazy Egg post about CRO. As a mom blogger there are several reasons why you would want to turn your blog into a guest blog. One big reason is if you give birth to a new baby. Most likely blogging won’t be on the front burner of your mind when giving birth Many mom bloggers take a break from blogging and know that if they do that – there are no new blog posts published – traffic suffers and followers stop following. Ouch! You don’t want that. So there are two ways you can go about that: Create blog posts before you take your break. But this means doubling your content and if you aren’t feeling it or don’t have the time, this may not be an option. Get guest bloggers to submit a guest post for your blog. But this strategy is a short-term way to open up your blog for guest writers. Once the mom is ready, she’ll continue blogging. Another reason mom bloggers may…

A Delicate Balance

In the Mad Men days of advertising, it was all about mass media, reach and frequency. How many people can you reach and how often can you get your message in front of them? Today’s marketing is a little more complicated than that. The channels have shifted from print, radio, and TV to more than […] The post A Delicate Balance appeared first on SmallBizClub.

How I Grew a New Blog from 400 to 40,000 Pageviews in One Month

Starting a new blog and increasing blog traffic is a proven system that big blogs use. And my newest blog has grown its traffic quickly. Before I go into that, this blog, Twins Mommy, started two years ago and in it’s first month I grew my blog to 4,000 pageviews. I was ecstatic and so happy. I decided that I wanted to try to grow my blog traffic for Twins Mommy. So, on my blog, I charted my journey to grow this blog. I have grown the Twins Mommy blog to over 60,000 pageviews! And my blog before that? To over 70,000 pageviews. At this time, I realized that my passion and strength in blogging is my strategy to grow blog traffic in different blog niches. Trying My Hand at Growing Blog Traffic in Different Niches One of my passions is digital marekting. It’s my freelance writing niche and it’s what I blog as the big umbrella for Twins Mommy. I want to help other mom bloggers to market their blog so that they can create income. And the #1 way to create income is attract traffic. The more traffic you have, the more income you can potentially generate. So, it’s no wonder that any new blogger is looking for that blog traffic recipe to get their blog on the map. To help my audience, I wanted to try growing traffic in other blog niches. Is it easier to generate traffic in a health niche? Or a parenting niche? So, part of my new business plan is to build up niche blogs. One of those blogs I took over this year is a parenting blog called Imperfectly Perfect Mama. This blogger no longer wanted to blog and what was so great about getting this blog is that it had its own: Pinterest account Instagram account Google Analtyics Facebook page 2 Facebook groups This blog has been around for a year and has about 34 blog posts (but around 5 were irrelevant or too local and personal). Traffic was low however as this blogger stopped blogging. So on average it was…

7 Tips for Your Blog’s Revival After a Break

Have you been overwhelmed with work lately and completely forgotten about your blog? Do you think it’s due time you restart your blog posts again and restore your former glory?… Read more » The post 7 Tips for Your Blog’s Revival After a Break appeared first on

4 Things I Wish I Knew About Online Marketing 10 Years Ago

When we opened, I had literally never sold anything online before. Why I thought that running an online business would work, is beyond me. Hubris I guess. Here are 4 things that I wish I knew about online marketing 10 years ago when we first opened. SEO Is Best Handled Internally We wrote checks. We […] The post 4 Things I Wish I Knew About Online Marketing 10 Years Ago appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Outsourcing On Fiverr To Scale Your Business – Blog Outsourcing

Running a blog, managing your eCommerce store, selling your t-shirts online via Amazon Merch – I mean online entrepreneurs do so much, and there never seems to be enough time. Even if we were to consider the blogger’s tasks: he needs to write great content, promote that content, come up with great images for Pinterest, […] The post Outsourcing On Fiverr To Scale Your Business – Blog Outsourcing appeared first on Tech Money Mama.

5 Necessary Things that Business Bloggers Neglect While Writing

A business blog is a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions and often having images linked to other websites – all in topics related… Read more » The post 5 Necessary Things that Business Bloggers Neglect While Writing appeared first on

SEO for Bloggers: Here’s What Works

There are certain parts of blogging that can make you scratch your head and wonder “why isn’t this working?!” For me, that’s social media. Maybe for you it’s SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is one thing I’ve had a pretty good grip on over the past few years. In fact, around 75% of my blog traffic comes from search. One thing I like most about search traffic is that it’s more easily replicate-able than other traffic sources. (There are other benefits too, like higher on-site time and higher ad revenue.) If you’ve been struggling with SEO, today I’m going to share my strategies with you. There’s no magic to it, there are no tricks, and it’s actually a fairly straightforward practice. It won’t work right away but if you start implementing some of these tips you should see results in 3-6 months. Here’s how to implement SEO for bloggers. Who Does Google Think You Are? The last time you checked your analytics did you notice a theme in the posts that brought you the most search traffic? I bet you did. If you blog about several different topics chances are, you’re getting most of your search traffic to just one or two of those. You have to remember that Google’s goal is to show the person performing the search the most relevant and helpful content. There’s a good chance that Google thinks you’re most relevant on just a few of the subjects you’re writing about. If you have no idea what your top posts are here’s how to find out: (BTW, I’m assuming you have Google Analytics installed on your blog. If you don’t, get on that pronto.) Go to Google Analytics On the left hand side click “acquisition” Next click “channels” and then click “organic search” Set the date to at least the past 30 days Once you do this you can view keyword and landing pages Take a look at your top 20 landing pages. You should be able to start connecting the dots and seeing what topics you’re getting the most search traffic to. Those topics are…

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